Browns-Pack: Gameballs and Goats

The great divide between our MVP and Goat spans both votes and years...

SUMMARY: The old and the young stood not only on opposite ends of a chronological divide, but also a gameball and goathorns divide. Browns elder Phil Dawson was the hero, and deservedly so for nailing two clutch field goals in the final 90 seconds. Young Colt McCoy, however, wound up wearing goathorns after struggling in his first professional football appearance. If McCoy has a career anywhere as successful as Dawson's, this franchise could turn out to be okay.

Player Gameballs
Phil Dawson (K / 4) 297
T.J. Ward (S / 43) 247
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 244
Seneca Wallace (QB / 6) 90
Brian Robiskie (WR / 80) 73
Marcus Benard (LB / 58) 72

Player Goathorns
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 181
Braylon Edwards' Flash 104
Syndric Steptoe (WR / 10) 66
Chris Jennings (RB / 34) 57
Brett Ratliff (QB / 5) 40
Abram Elam (S / 26) 37
Casey Bender (OL / 72) 35
Eric Barton (ILB / 50) 34


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
    Pass Rush
RabidDawg TJ Ward  
  wallace mccoy
brownsfan88   Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn
DAWGDC Phil Dawson  
  Phil Dawson  
footballwave starting offensive linemen Defensive secondary
  The O.L.  
eisman   Defensive Backfield
  Entire Special Teams Packer fans on-line
    Bernie consistently calling Ratliff "Radcliff"
coloradodawg123 Brian Robiskie  
  Eric Mangini the haters
875thechef Brian Daboll  
BlennyBaller Ahtyba Rubin  
Cooper7 Mangini  
  ahtyba rubin  
houndfromhell Phil (the drill) Dawson Art (no heart) Modell
  DVR - I watched game sunday morning missed plays and random babbling by announcer #19
  Offensive Line  
scottdog1 Seneca Wallace  
oakislanddawg Jake Delhomme Soory Colt you earned them.
  Offense Defense
  Productive players stepping up PLayers become athletes in nfl...
Aqib Jackie Groza  
  Phil Dawson  
jmidd44   Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn
    Ben Roethlesberger's Flash
  White Pants!  
    Braylon Edwards' Essence
  Senaca + Evan= major O D sucks
jimbodaddyo Brian Robiskie  
eezer LeCharles Bentley Weldon, Lebron, Brady Quinn
FeralMuttly the first three rounds of our draft bernie's shameless basket paramid scheme
murdocky1 Jake Delhomme Abe Elam
deathbyeagle LeCharles Bentley's twitter about Braylon Braylon's NYC boyfriend
  Entire Special Teams pass rush
    all the doubters of Delhomme
DixieDawgg Long-Suffering Browns Fans Everywhere NONE
  Offensive Line  
bighag Alex Mack and Joe Thomas  


Gameball Comments
Fan Comment
RabidDawg Finally, a safety who can tackle.
  seneca with the rifle!
DAWGDC Phil "Boomer" Dawson for the 59 yard game tying and the game winner. Daboll is learning, Jake for the first driver and B Robiske for learning the position as well.
  Wow what a special night for Phil Dawson, he is simply the best.
footballwave 58 yard field goal by Awesome Dawson. All I got is WOW!!!
zoso197 Could of handed out more was hard pressed to pick 3. Wallace and Robo deserving as well.
  Phil Dawson reminds me of Lou Groza Era. Jake Delhomme looked good and T.J. Ward was awesome. Good Team Start.
  First team offense looked pretty good. First team defense was just as impressive. Secondary better learn how to turn around and look for the ball though!
  Nice, encouraging start
  Lauvo taking on and beating Raji was (and will be) the hidden meaning of this season!
brownsclown Phil Dawson's vote could have gone to the Special Teams in general, but a 59 yarder...WOW. I put Titus Brown in because he was everywhere. Maybe he steps in for D'Qwell. Brian Robiske could be key for us this year. He looked good tonight.
Irishjt Delhomme because he played much better than I thought he would. He led the team on an 80 yd scoring drive against a good D.
TJ Ward because he played good for a rookie. He looked like a rookie for a few plays. I was pleasantly surprised by his physicality, though.
Phil Dawson because...well, everyone knows why.
djw333 Honorable mention to Tom Heckert for bringing real players to Cleveland.
  "Masterful Effort". The future is now.
Cooper7 Had to write in Mangini, for having some guts last night. Going for it on 4th down and kicking a 58 yard field goal. Last year I think he may have punted.
  offensive line
houndfromhell Looked good in all phases, keep it up.
  58 yard field goal. NICE!
mechmat I voted for Delhomme for looking good, Ward for starting strong as a rookie, and for Dawson for winning the game.
oakislanddawg Nice effort good results, the team did not quit were excited during the final moments cheering their teammates on during the last minute. I think the Browns may have turned a mythical corner somewhere between last December and now the word "team" fits this current bunch of players who put the "whiteout" on the Pack.
dp10451 Ya just can't say enough about the senior member of our team, Phil Dawson. Number one in seniority and number one in our hearts. Wallace showed that he is more than capable and I'm glad he is here finally. I wanted to draft him when he came out of college. Ward is showing us why he was drafted highly. The naysayers will have to eat crow before the season is over.
jaydawg74 My gameballs go to Dawson, T.J. Ward and Alex Mack. I thought Mack had some awesome blocks downfield, Ward was all over the place and Phil was Phil.
kkool who cares!!! It's the preseason. It doesn't mean a lot, let wait until the # one units square off against one another for an entire game. Then we'll get an true indication of what this team is truly about....
brownsjim73 I just picked 2 QB's as recipients of a gameball... something good must have happened. Ward gave up the TD, but even that wasn't really bad coverage, just a perfect throw and catch. After that he was flying all over the place.
Aqib Wallace threw the ball well. Ward was all over the field and if you kick a game winning FG you get a game ball.
shegalofus I would have chose Jake but I don't want to jinx him. Best opening drive I have seen in years. Forget that it is preseason. Woof Woof !!!! Go Browns !
  Ward served notice on the NFL.
Dawson is still the man.
Delhomme brought balance to the force, destroyed the Sith and will bring about a new age of peace and enlightenment(or Browns wins).
  O looking Great!!! D sucks!
deathbyeagle Offense did good -- Good QB and Oline play.

TJ Ward was all over the field. We have not had a safety do that since Eric Turner.
  Wallace proves he can play! The offense came out firing.
  #4 was Clutch. #17 Didn't suck like his detractors predicted. #43 was active & hit hard.
  Ward looked like an animal!!!
DixieDawgg Positive signs lead to hope for improved seasons.

Phil Dawson is DA MAN! QB play was much better than last year with Jake and Seneca.
  certainly Watson & Delhomme are deserving as is the entire O-LINE
  Offense played well against Greenbay 1st team. They showed poise and aggressiveness. Loved seeing those TDs and plays in general in the Red Zone.
bighag So great to see the Browns get those 11-15 yard pass plays! Dawson is a beast, Delhomme was glass and TJ Ward was always around the ball. A really fun game to watch


Goat Comments
Fan Comments
  For covering a Browns win and showing nothing but GB highlights.
  welcome to the nfl!
brownsfan88 Derek Anderson/Brady Quinn - DAMN did you guys suck.
DAWGDC St. Clair is slow, Colt is young but he did throw 2 picks and Reggie Hodges can't kick worth a darn
TpostDawg Can't really give goat horns after a win but TJ getting beat for the score earns him a lesson in the NFL.
  We just can't blitz on every down.
chowdogg The poster that said E Wright had a bad game [#24]...
footballwave The defense looked like swiss cheese......Rodgers was 10 for 10 passing? Are you kidding me? We need to work on the secondary a bit me thinks.
billlatham I know its just preseason but the pass interference call on Sorensen was terrible.
  Rookie was initiated into the NFL. Hope injury is not bad. He'll improve.
eisman It was scary watching Rodgers go 10 for 10. No pressure on the quarterback.
  There was so much trash talk from the cheezeheads before the game. Hope they like the taste of crow
  Never know whether the fierce or the frantic brnadon will show up.
brownsclown Colt had a rough debut and then got hurt. No panic here though. Chris Jennings had more negative plays than positive, not good when fighting for a roster spot. Syndric Steptoe had some nice plays but dropped a key pass he really needed to make. Overall hard to find Goats in a win on the road against a Superbowl contender.
Irishjt Casey Bender for getting his helmet in the way of Colt McCoy's hand. ;-)
Abram Elam because he serves no purpose on this team.
Braylon Edwards' flash because it was tough to give goathorns during this win. Edwards will always deserve a goathorn, though.
djw333 No goats this week.
  In all likely hood you have a better coach here than in N.E. Great staff, Prez, etc. Owner who finally came through on his promise.
houndfromhell All the Cleveland bashers out there. So
let all the excuses of why the Packers
should of won fly.........
Dem Brownies kicked their butts......
oakislanddawg McCoy really struggled in his role and was probably trying to demonstrate his abilities while overreaching his physcal limitations. I am sure that the game will slow down for him but he needs to settle in the role that has been chiseled out for him. Live within your skillset.
dp10451 BE belongs in Miami with that other self annointed "king". Michigan has nothing to do with the diddain fans had for him. Darden, Hoard, and Shea were all Blue and Maize alumni and all were loved and revered by Browns fans. His problem had to do with catching rhe ball. Something we kind of expect from a WR. Can't give out any other goats for this excellent performance.
jaydawg74 I give only one goathorn and it goes to Steptoe.
dawngregry Bernie is a GOAT for screwing up player's names. Still have much love for Kosar though,
kkool who cares!!! It's the preseason. It doesn't mean a lot, let wait until the # one units square off against one another for an entire game. Then we'll get an true indication of what this team is truly about....
brownsjim73 Barton is just awful. Even with D'qwell hurt we're fairly deep at LB and this guy should not see the field. Colt had a rough start, although it should be noted that the 2nd team O-line is FAR worse than the first team one. On his first interception he throw off his back foot because the LT was being pushed into him. On his 2nd he hit his hand into the RT's helmet. While he needs to have better awareness than this, he probably looks significantly better with a better O-line out there... but we won't find that out this year.
Aqib Colt McCoy looked like Charlie Frye out there.
shegalofus The three I picked were not necessarily goats but had below average games.
  Kooistra, more like Pooistra.
Barton is a full step behind everyone.
McCoy is just not ready for prime time; no shotgun read-option in the Browns playbook.
  I didn't see anyone really do anything deserving of the term 'goat'. For the first game after the 'New Organization' I believe the Cleveland Browns are back.
jmidd44 This game was enough to show us that last years qb controversy was between worse and worser. Glad niether survived.
  D sucks
  I didn't see most of the game so I can't really select any goats. Go Browns!
Rubix60 1st practice game gets no goats, but I would be warning a ew players to step it up were I a coach
deathbyeagle Abe Elam was getting grilled -- he needs to be replaced ASAP.

Pass Rush was a bit concerning. I don't know if Fujita is a pass rushing OLB.
  Everyone but TRUE Browns Fans were WRONG!
  OTOH, #43 is a rook who got beat for a TD. Let's hope he learns...
DixieDawgg No GOATS in a victory (albeit preseason).
  understood the vanilla defense in in effect, so rather difficult to get a good gauge.. does look like the rook needs some polishing
  That goal line score where Fujita did not wrap up the FB. Ward is a rookie so I can except that mistake from him but not a vet/superbowel champ. Need to be consistent in tackeling. Jennings made more poor decisions running the ball than I care to count. Keep it up and you will play your way OFF the team. Steptoe did not take advantage of his opportunities; catch the ball!
bighag The TV announcers were some of the worst homers I'd ever seen. They were showing the rehab equipment of one of the Packers during Browns plays. Ratliff looks like the bad old days of QB and Elam was a day late and three dollars short.

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