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Highlights from Ask the Insiders

Lane and Mike have been going to town on the Ask the Insiders board, providing some insight and some inside scoop on subjects such as: negotiations with Hambrick and Miller, Davis' fascination with defensive linemen, Junior Seau, workout attendance, Kelly Holcomb's haircut, and more. Here are some highlights. <A HREF="">Click here</A> to go to this unique forum and get your questions answered!

Hambrick and Miller Info: A source close to the teamm indicates this weekend that the Browns and Hambrick are in the 'serious' stage of contract talks. Also, the Browns have spoke with Leigh Steinberg on Jamir Miller.........

More to come later on Miller. (Lane Adkins)

Skippy54345: I have been reading on this site that Butch thinks Andra Davis is ready to be the starting middle linebacker. Does this mean that any middle linebacker being looked at in free agency is going to be a back up to him? Are they looking for competition or for a stop gap until Butch REALLY feels Davis is ready to take over the position. Also, Pierce is listed as a middle linebacker. If the Browns are looking to draft him, would he be moved to the outside? Any insight would be appreciated.

Mike McLain:  can't comment on Pierce, but I've ben told that Butch thinks Andra Davis can be his middle linebacker. That doesn't mean he would pass up a great MLB prospect in the draft, if one would happen to fall into the team's lap. If a MLB is signed in free agency, it would be to help on special teams and perhaps challenge Davis, assuming Davis doesn't perform well in preseason. For now, though, Davis being counted on as the man in the middle.

Lane Adkins: Again this past week, even with the signing of Gardner, I was reassured that Andra Davis is expected to step-up and be the starting MLB for this team.

SDBrownsBacker: ... in my opinion, we need a OLineman real bad. At least 1 LB real bad. A defensive back or two pretty bad. But a Dlineman??? I just don't get that. Insiders - can you help justify our desire for DLineman? Are we looking to let someone go, trade someone? Otherwise, I really don't understand.

Mike McLain: I don't think anyone has said for sure that the Browns are committed to selecting a DL with their first pick. It's just that the best player on the board when the Browns select might be a DL.

I personally think the needs are in this order -- cornerback, middle linebacker (I'm not sold on Andra Davis), left offensive tackle, outside linebacker and tight end. But if no player of high quality at those spots is on the board when the Browns are on the clock, I wouldn't be surprised if they go after a DL.

The Browns were poor against the run last season, and they have nobody on their front seven that can get after quarterbacks on a consistent basis. A stud pass rusher would look great.

Skippy54345: I just read on another site that a rumor has been that Browns will release Griffith after June 1st and the Steelers would look to pick him up. Do you see any probability to this rumor, especially with the resigning on Little?

Mike McLain: I think that would depend on how the strong safety position looks come June 1. If Butch adds someone there (say through the draft) that is capable of starting, I don't think he would hesitate in cutting ties with Griffith. As of now, I've heard no talk about getting rid of Griffith. The secondary isn't deep in talent to begin with, plus the Browns are trying to keep their amount of dead money as low as possible (it's at about $10 million as of now).

Skippy54345: Do you foresee Little and Griffith being the starting Safeties in 2003?

LaneAdkins: Right now we are looking at Griffith and Little as the starters at safety. I would expect the Browns to tinker in this area, if a player can be had that would bring the same potential as Griffith, I could see him being released. For the time being, Griffith and Little are the men on the spot.


Mike McLain: Quick answers, Clydedawg. Yes and No. Butch Davis, from what I've heard, plans to give Darnell Sanders a good shot at starting. Comparing Sanders to Shockey would be like comparing me to Hemingway. Don't even go there.

LaneAdkins: Sanders and Heiden are going into training camp as the players expected to battle for the starting TE spot. Now, if the Browns draft Witten from Tennessee, that plan may change.

Dave63: How many players, number or percentage, are currently working out in Berea?

Artbtz: About a week ago, there were about two dozen working out. I don't have a more recent figure.

LaneAdkins: Latest number points to 29 players in and out of Berea at any given time.

MacDog31: Insiders I know I'm dreaming but is there any way the Browns FO would make a run at Jones once the franchise tag is lifted? I know we would have to make cap room and Carmen said we will not sign any big time free agents but you would think they might consider this especially if they plan to dump Griffith. I think Jones would look great in Brown & Orange and would fit in nicely with our young secondary. Your thoughts?

ArtBtz: According to ESPN, the Saints are going to be making a big run for Jones, using one of their first round picks as a lever to get him away from New England. I'd love to see him, inconsistent as he is, in a Browns uniform, but at this point it looks far, far out of reach.

LaneAdkins: Speaking with Jones' agent, the Browns were not mentioned as a team that has expressed any 'quiet' interest in the player.

James_t_h: Insiders, could the reason no restructuring has been done, is because the FO thinks we are in good shape for now and the future w/the way that certain players contracts are structured now?

LaneAdkins: The team does not wish to extend $$$ further into the future, especially on players that may not have a long run here. Look at CB, the only way this team would want to restructure him right now is if there were a player available that the Browns really wanted. If anything, the Browns will look to rid themselves of CB if the micro-fracture knee surgery does not show promise in late spring / early summer.

dboots: I see on the front page tipline that Junior Seau may/will be released. Insiders, would the Browns have any interest in him? He could be a good mentor to our plethora of young linebackers, couldn't he?

MikeMcLain: The Browns' cap problems would make it impossible to sign Seau, unless they waive several more players. At Seau's age, my guess is he wants to play for a team he thinks can reach the Super Bowl. While the Browns aren't saying they've written off Super Bowl aspirations due to the reconstruction of the defense, it's safe to say that will be a difficult goal to achieve.

ArtBtz: Seau has also been saying that he wants to stay on the West Coast. He's blown off Green Bay because the cold midwest apparently doesn't appeal to him, although he has said he would consider Kansas City. Not only are we too poor, we're too cold and damp as well. Such is our lot in life...

LaneAdkins: Seau's only interest is to play for a team that can immediately contend for the Super Bowl. As we all know, the NFL is a crap-shoot and according to his agent, Seau would like to continue to play on the West Coast.

Butch2K1: Why would he leave now? Entering the season, this is probably the best Charger team in over 5 years. They just signed Boston, which gives them a nice boost to their offense. I think it would be hilarious if he left and the Chargers went to the playoffs.

LaneAdkins: I agree, but there is a serious issue with him and Marty. I don't know the details, but was told that he would not play for Marty again. Seeing is believing.


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