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Browns-Bears Media Notes Available

We’ve uploaded the latest Media Notes, this one for the Browns-Bears game. Downloadable for your reading pleasure:


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Browns Player Quotes: 8/30

QB Seneca Wallace

(On if he didn't play in the final preseason game, would he be ready for the regular season)- "I feel like I have. I'm going to continue to keep working, keep working out here on the practice field. We have got to get ready for the regular season. The regular season is coming up around the corner; we are starting off in Tampa. For us to get ready mentally, to get ready for this journey that we are going to go on, it starts now. (We have) to just start preparing for that."

(On if he has gotten enough work in to be ready for the regular season)- "It started out here in training camp, that's when the whole process started. The thing is, going into the preseason games, that's the polish to go out there and do it against another opponent. I feel good coming in to the start of the regular season and I felt like it was a big jump from OTAs into minicamp, training camp and all of that. I feel pretty good."

(On if it is tough to go in at any time without getting to warm up during the game)- "You just go in, you become a football player. You're trying to make a play for the offense and protect the ball. You have just got to lay it on the line and see what happens after that."

RB Jerome Harrison

(On Jake Delhomme being a leader)- "Throughout his whole career, he has been a leader. You talk to guys that played against him and the first thing that they say is, ‘You have a true competitor out there. He is going to line up to play and lead all of these guys.' You can only respect that."

RB Montario Hardesty

(On how much he is looking forward to his first NFL game)- "I'm looking forward to it man. I'm just trying to take it one day at a time, try to get better each day. This is my first time actually preparing for a game, so I'm looking forward to it."

(On trying not to do too much coming back from injury)- "I'm just going to go out and do as much as I can and let the coaches and trainers regulate the other things."

(On the depth in the backfield)- "We definitely have some talent in our backfield. That's great. I feel like competition is going to make everyone better. I'm just ready to get back out on the field and compete."

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Transcript: Eric Mangini, 8/30

?Browns Head Coach Eric Mangini press conference 8-30-10

(Opening statement)- "Just a couple thoughts. Actually, before we start that, a few guys are going to miss practice here for personal reasons Ben Watson and John (St. Clair) is not back so you won't see either one of those two guys. Right now Ben could be back but right now I don't think he will be. In terms of the game some thoughts on that I would say, offensively, I really liked a lot of things we did. I thought the operation overall was efficient, thought we ran the no huddle stuff really well. Jake does an excellent job of getting us into good plays of seeing where the pressure points are and fixing some of those problems. He also does a very nice job distributing the ball, a lot of guys got involved in the passing game, scored a lot of points, racked up a lot of yards, first downs, efficient in the two minute drive backed up. I mean there is a long line of things that I was happy with, but at the end of the day those are all off set by three turnovers and then putting the ball on the ground a fourth time. That's kind of how it goes. You can do all those great things and you fumble and they score a touchdown and then you fumble another time, which negates three points and then they end up scoring on that ensuing drive. That's a swing of ten points on one turnover and that's the starting point. Defensively, I obviously didn't like the way we started the game giving up a 51 yard run and I think we're further along than where we were at this point last year and I know that's probably tough to believe judging by the production last game, but we are. It has to be tighter. You make one or two mistakes and that's where the holes come in and that's where the problems come in. I know we talk about blitzing all the time, we talk about pressuring all the time, yet one guy outside when he is supposed to be inside and you got two guys being blocked by one defender, a play that should be a sack turns into a long play and that's what we are concentrating on. I'd like to think that will improve too as we get into game plan specific. I think we carried more things through the preseason, do a lot more things in the preseason than we would necessarily in a game plan but regardless of that those problems should be fixed. On special teams, I really think that the penalties as a whole have to come down but the penalties that we have gotten there that has to be fixed. I never like to see the ball being kicked out of bounds to start the second half and again, I thought that there were some real positives there and some correctable mistakes there as well."

(On how Nick Sorensen is doing today)- "Nick (Sorensen) won't be at practice today. The tests were negative after the game but he is going to be resting for a while so you won't see him out today."

(On the rule change on kickoff coverage and if it is enough and if there is more they could do)- "I don't think that collision was a function of a formation that needed to be changed it was just the way that those two players struck each other. He kind of lowered for the impact and where Detroit's player was it just ended up being helmet to helmet and they were both going at such high speeds. I don't know how you could police that or change that. And I don't think it was a function of any advantage they had on the return team."

(On if Sorensen was hit helmet to helmet by two players)- "I thought it was one primary guy and then maybe the other guy could have caught him but I thought it was the one initial collision that really did it."

(On what the tests for Sorensen have revealed)- "It's something like this that you go through the tests and then you still go through the next four days, five days whatever it is however many days they tell us it is to make sure things stay. No I don't think he will play (against Chicago)."

(On Nick Sorensen's job on the team)- "Yes, there is always going to be guys like that that are core special teams players, and Nick (Sorensen) has played defense, can play defense but really he has found a niche that he does really well. In addition to that he has versatility on special teams he plays on all of them pretty much but in addition to that he is a good person and he is a good teammate. You're constantly looking for core teams guys that are versatile and he has been that and often you see guys hang around a long time whether it is with their original teams or with other teams in that role."

(On if Nick Sorensen suffered a concussion)- "Yes, he suffered a concussion."

(On if he wants the quarterbacks to make hits like Jake Delhomme made in a fumble return during preseason games)- "No, it's one of those things I think it's just competitive. It's hard to coach him out of it. I didn't really cover it in depth. I probably should have. It was a nice tackle though. Good angle, wrapped up, head across the bow."

(On the linebacker situation and what needs to be done to figure it out for the Tampa Bay game)- "I think what you are going to see Tony (Grossi) is it won't be just four guys the whole game. I think that any of those guys that go to the games will have roles in different packages so my expectation is that they will all play in some meaningful capacity. When we play Tampa Bay and when we play each week it could be as a third down rusher, it could be as a cover guy, it could be in short yardage and goal line. You'll see all of them."

(On how many linebackers they typically keep)- "It varies because you have the ones that you list at those positions, inside and outside backer, and then you have the miscellaneous category and you may keep a guy who is linebacker by position but really is a core teams guy. So, anywhere from 8, 10, 11."

(On how the right side of the line played against Detroit, specifically Tony Pashos and Shawn Lauvao together)- "I thought they played well. There were a few hiccups and I thought that was a nice first game for them to play together against because there was quite a few pressures, there were quite a few line stunts. There's some really nice speed that they have especially on the edge with Cliff Avril. I thought that they played well and I thought they play well especially because it was the first time they really had played together."

(On if he is going to give Tony Pashos and Shawn Lauvao more playing time against the bears because they haven't played as much in preseason)- "Yes, I think that is a possibility. Shawn may play that spot, he might play some other spots too just to give him work."

(On if he needs clarity of Shaun Rodgers availability by the weekend to make his roster decisions)- "I don't know if it is as much to make the roster decisions. I think we have plans for both contingencies in place and we have had that for a while. So I feel good with what we have talked about and however it works out we will be ready."

(On if he has any more clarity on Shaun Rodgers availability health wise)- "As it gets closer I think each week that goes by we get closer."

(On if Shaun Rodgers is where he was at this time last year regarding his health)- "Well as you say it's a different injury. What I'm really doing Tony is going by what our doctor and trainers say and they work with each other and they work with Shaun (Rodgers) and keep us updated daily. It's not really driven by me it's more driven by where he is and the progression that we have. But I think he has each week made steps forward and we have some time here before Tampa."

(On James Davis situation and where things stand with him)- "Well I think that those are going to be some tough decisions. At the running back spot I think Chris Jennings did some good things last year. I think Alex Smith has done some good things at tight end so depending how many tight ends you keep. Peyton Hillis, whether you want to list him as a fullback or running back. Getting Montario (Hardesty) back here this week, he should play against Chicago, so be able to take a look at him. All those things come into play so those are the tough decisions. It's a good part of having the fourth preseason game."

(On if Joshua Cribbs looks more instinctive as a wide receiver)- "I really believed it last year and he caught 20 balls or whatever it was last season. I think what the difference for him now is that he has got the routes, he has got the system and he's adding the subtleties of the position to his route running and that's been really fun to watch. I think he's got excellent hands. He has made some impressive catches. That one on the sideline was a big time catch. He has had some other ones; he has made some plays for us on fourth down. Not only that, but he blows people up when he is blocking. I mean you can run him on reverses, play him at quarterback, he makes me happy."

(On Shaun Rodgers and Robaire Smith and what has taken the league so long to decide what to do)- "That's above my pay grade. Whatever they want to do they can do on whatever time table they have."

(On how you game plan for Tampa not knowing Rodgers and Smith's status)- "Well that's just something we have to deal with. When you get into a situation where the league has to get involved, it's just what we have to deal with. It's just the way it is."

(On Brian Schaefering and what his role will be during regular season)-
"He's got some versatility because he plays on the left side and the right side. He plays in sub as well. Brian is a guy I have known for a while, I know we picked him up here last year but he's a player we had with the Jets for a little bit. It has been nice to see his development over time. I think there are quite a few things that he can continue to work on in terms of playing the base technique and he and I have talked about it. He is a worker, he's got a high motor, he's got some toughness, and he's made some plays throughout this preseason and made some plays last year. So all those things I think are real pluses from him. It's nice to see guys like him continue to make strides."

(On if it is going to be tough to keep all four quarterbacks)- "The reason Jake (Delhomme) obviously played more and then Seneca (Wallace) played and then I wanted to see Colt (McCoy) in an end of the game situation he hadn't been in that situation. Brett (Ratliff) had, so you will see a lot of both those guys on Thursday."

(On if the nose tackle they picked up has any time to impress him)- "Yes, there is always a chance and he got to play some this past game, he'll play quite a bit this upcoming game, we're getting to know him. I think anybody who gets into the building has a chance to impress with whatever window they have. I am always very open minded with new guys and Tom (Heckert) is as well, the coaches are, and I just really believe once you're in, now what do you do with it. So yes he does have a chance."

(On what happened on the play that should have only been a 10 or 12 yards)- "What happened is that both he (T.J. Ward) and Abram (Elam) flowed pretty hard to the right hand side. So offensively left, our right, and when he cut it back the backside receivers had come over and as our safeties started to flow back, based on where he was cutting it to, those receivers were able to cut him off. You want to have balance with the safeties where one is front side and one is backside, and even though we had that balance, that backside receiver was able to seal T.J. (Ward). With a runner like that, he didn't need that big of a crease to be able to go. It wasn't like some blow up block, it was just enough to let him go by."

(On if T.J. Ward made any mistakes on that run by Best)- "I don't think it was a function of over-pursuing as much as you always have to have the awareness on cutback runs. There's somebody coming from the other side of the field and you can't be surprised by it. That's easier said than done when you are out in space against a guy that runs that fast. You're trying to make haste and it doesn't take much to get sealed off."

(On if the Wildcat package has been shown minimally in the preseason)- "With Josh (Cribbs), there are only so many plays you're going to play him in the preseason. You want him to get that work at wide receiver and the other thing is that you want to limit the hits that he is going to take. He was returning punts, he was returning kicks and he was playing wide receiver. It is something that I do have a comfort level with. We have worked on that stuff and we will continue to work on that stuff. When we run it, I think we will be ready to run it."

(On if the Wildcat package is in his offense)- "Yes, it's tucked away somewhere. It's somewhere."

(On opposing starting offenses having success passing against the Browns' starting defense)- "I think it's what we talked about before Terry (Pluto) where we are just not executing as well as we should. I think that, in terms of running the right defenses, we're further ahead. In terms of running the right defenses correctly, that's where we have to make some ground. I also think that opportunities to affect the quarterback, there was one play in the game which I thought was a good indication of what we are talking about. We brought a guy clean, Chris (Gocong) came clean through the B gap and we didn't walk out the linebacker, so the disguise wasn't very clear. What should have been either a ball disruption or a sack, giving that information that much earlier, he was able to raise up before Chris could get there. We are talking about a split-second to throw it and it becomes a 12-yard completion. Did everybody run the right defense? Yes. Was the disguise what it should have been? No. That's the stuff that's the difference. That's the difference to good coordinated defense and sort of what we had the other night."

(On T.J. Ward's progression)- "Did you see that one play on kickoff team where he hit that one guy into the other guy? Yes, he's continuing to improve, but he's pretty new to this whole deal. With rookies, he's going to make mistakes, they all do. We are going to work to limit how many of them (there are). The one thing that I really like about T.J. is that his mistakes are going to be fast and someone is probably going to get hit. Even if he is wrong, someone is going to get hit. That's what you talk about is that you can make a mistake, but make it fast and hard. Don't make it slow and soft."

(On not having the need for a feature back because of the depth at the running back position)- "We really did mix it up last year. Guys had packages that they were in. Towards the end of the year, it ended up working out the way that it worked out. I imagine that Peyton (Hillis) has done a lot of good things, so he will continue to have packages. We've got to see where Montario (Hardesty) is, but we have been encouraged by what he has done since he has become a brown. Jerome (Harrison) really showed what he could do at the end of last season. I'm happy about the potential for that group. In terms of how it shakes out with numbers of carries, that's going to be game-to-game. What I do like about the group though is I don't think any one of those guys is ever going to sit back and go, ‘I should have the ball more.' It's just about moving the chains, scoring points and winning the game."

(On if Jerome is doing anything different that is causing fumbles)- "Anything fundamentally different? No. I think that the one that he had the other night, he just didn't have the five points of pressure on the ball and kind of slipped in the hole. It wasn't even like he had gotten hit on that play, he slipped. It almost looked like he went to brace and it squirted out. We are going to continue to pressure the ball in practice, continue to make them as aware as we possibly can. It's not something that we haven't worked on since last year and it won't change. It's kind of like tackling. Every day, it's harped on, it's talked about, and it's drilled because nothing is more important."

(On if he will have the league office look at the personal foul by Ndamukong Suh on Jake)- "Yes. I've got to imagine whether we will, but whether we did or not, I'm sure they'll look at it closely. When I met the kid, he's a good kid, so I don't think he's a malicious guy. From what I know about him, it was just a poor decision."

(On if Suh should have been thrown out of the game for that play)- "It put the quarterback at risk, but I'm not the official. You know you don't want to see that at any point. As I said, my experience with him in the draft process is that he's a good kid and it was just not a great decision."

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Twitter Updates for 2010-08-30

  • Harrison Hopes to Cure Fumbleitis: Browns turnovers have been scoring points for their opponents, and 2009 standou… http://bit.ly/aP1Gz3 #

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Latest Links from the OBR Newswire

These are links from the OBR Newswire for August 30th from 06:38 to 06:41:

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We’re Finally Done Posting Lions Post-Game Quotes


On how his groin feels: "You know what, I don't want to speak on it too early, but it felt great. I don't know if that was the adrenaline running through my veins or (it) being a game day situation. I felt good though."

On whether the real test will be how it feels tomorrow: "Yeah, exactly. You know what, not even tomorrow; A nagging cramp could come on maybe Monday. Depending on how I feel Monday, that'll determine what happens after that."

On how good it felt to get in the game: "I think it was very important to finally get into a game situation with the three new guys that are back there being that they don't know my voice. We were acquainted on the practice field but a game day situation – they don't really know me too well. I think this was a great test."


On whether he thinks he made a statement about making this team: "Most definitely – I tried to. I was out there on special teams – every little thing that I was trying to get away from last year, I've been trying to show them that I am the kind of player that they believed (me to be) last year."

On his ability to make an impact in all phases: "Exactly, like last week – every phase of the game is important – special teams, offense, and defense. Whenever my name is called, just be fundamentally sound and fire on all cylinders."

On how good the offense can be: "The offense can be really great. From last year to this year, I was talking to one of my teammates the other day – I'm fired up about this year. The strides we've made, as far as being sound, as far as knowing our techniques, knowing our plays, and just going (out) and playing fast and being mistake free – it's unbelievable the strides we've made since last year."

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Post-Game Quotes: Kyle Vanden Bosch


On the play of DT Ndamukong Suh: "He's doing really well. He's got all the tools to be a great player and he's really sharp (mentally). I think you're going to see him progress really quickly. He stepped in right away and was making plays for us so I expect the same thing everybody else expects – he's going to be a dominant player before the season is over."

On how opponent offenses are already taking note of him: "Yeah – he's not a guy that's going to sneak on the field as a rookie and surprise people. They're going to be looking for him and know where he's at on every play. We know that as a defensive line and we have to take advantage of that."

On the defense coming together: "We've shown flashes of it. I think we practice well; we practice smart. We've had a lot of practices and we've gotten a lot better as a defense. Now we've just got to do it when Sunday's roll around. We've just got to keep working. That's one thing I like about this group – the defensive line – we come out there with an attitude. Guys are trying to get better. We know there are high expectations on us and we accept that. We have an opportunity to do something special."

On whether the defense is going to be better: "No question. I think this organization has done a good job of upgrading talent-wise. We've got some got some special players and some really good athletes and some playmakers. That's what this scheme is built for. It's not a bend but don't break type defense – it's getting in the backfield – making plays and making things happen. We have that personnel and know it's just a matter of doing it."

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Post-Game Quotes: Jahvid Best

On how it felt to score a touchdown his first rushing attempt at Ford Field: "I mean it felt good; I wish I would have ended up with six points but it was a good run – it was blocked perfectly so I just hit the seam.

"It felt good like I said. It was blocked perfectly I hit the seam and then cut and got a bunch of yards.

On knowing now that he can make guys miss at the NFL level: "I mean it's how we practice all the time, that is the way we expect to play.

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Post-Game Quotes: QB Matthew Stafford

On the first two plays on offense made by RB Javid Best: "He did a great job. Guys blocked it up and gave him a crease and he did the rest. He did a great job on that run.

"He's free releasing on that pass and I didn't cover out of the backfield, so I gave him a chance and he made a guy miss and got some yards it was great."

On how Best is special: "He's quick, fast, he can catch, run. He's just a good football player all the way around."

On how they started out fast and got bogged down: "We just kind of shot ourselves in the foot. Had a penalty – the offensive pass interference call kind of hurt us. I think there was another holding penalty on a play to Nate (Burleson); if we eliminate those two and the fumble return for a touchdown, we have a really good day.

"We did a good job and I was proud of the guys coming out of halftime. We put an 11-play touchdown drive together; you've got to be able to do that when you're down at half. They had their first–stringers still on defense, so we played well."

On chemistry with the wide receivers, particularly on the fade: "We got tall receivers and guys that are great fade guys. Teams are challenging us, playing a lot of man-to-man and no help over the top, so we have to take real advantage of that. Bryant (Johnson) made a great catch on the first one; threw that second one to Calvin (Johnson) a little bit high, but the guy was holding him anyways. It was good."

On assuming that he's not going to see much work in the fourth preseason game, is he ready for the regular season: "Yeah. I feel great. I feel like we've done a good job this preseason as a unit, getting out there and executing and playing fast – that's one thing that we wanted to do. We've done a really good job of doing that. Hopefully, (we'll) get some tune-up time in the fourth preseason (game) and get ready to go."

On the play to WR Nate Burleson that didn't count and what he saw: "They blitzed the mike backer real late – technically the running back's guy – by then he was already out on the route. When he came, I scrambled and he was supposed to run a dig route and he bailed on it when he saw me scrambling out and then I kind of just gave him the wave down field and he did a good job and made a great catch. I actually didn't get to see it because I threw it and kept running; I was kind of behind some guys, but someone told me that he made a really good catch."

On his options at wide receiver: "It's something that we've been working on a lot – being able to feature everybody and throw it to the open guy rather than the guy that the play is designed to get the ball to; just make sure that we're patient. They gave us a couple chances to make some big plays and we did a good job of it."

On the whole offense being ready to start the regular season: "We've got to play good in the fourth preseason game and make sure that we're eliminating some of these penalties that are hurting us. Other than that, we just need to get there and make sure that guys are healthy and ready to go."

On his feeling about the offense at this point : "I have a good feeling, I really do. There's obviously certain plays here and there that I wish we could have done a little bit better, but that's the game of football. You're not going to be perfect on every play; you just can't turn those play that maybe, aren't the best into the worst. We just got to limit our mistakes and not turn the ball over and we'll be pretty good."

On what he's seen from the offensive linemen: "Yeah, they're doing a great job. They're starting to work together some. They've got a chance to all play these last three preseason games together and they've done a great job of protection. I think I've hit the ground three times in three games. That's pretty good and I've played quite a bit of snaps and thrown the ball quite a bit too. They're doing great there. In the running game, we've had some (success) running the football. I'm please with those guys; they're playing hard here. The second year in the system is going to help everybody out and we're doing a good job."

On the offense playing into the game plan, how good he thinks they can be if they exploit defenses: "We'll have to see on that. If we keep guys healthy and everybody keeps playing like we are right now and you know, get whatever it takes to win games, I think we can be pretty good. I'm excited about it."

On if he was surprised that WR Calvin Johnson was so wide open on the seam route play: "Very. They brought the corner (back) from the boundary and I knew that. I think their Sam backer (was) supposed to be cutting out to him and guarding him. He was my first look on that read anyways and he gave it too and it was completely surprising. I was excited; it made it easy on me. I didn't have to try and fit one in there. He did a great job."

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Post-Game Quotes: Jim Schwartz, Lions Head Coach

On if he saw enough from RB Jahvid Best after two touches: "Well, first of all, he got us off to a good start. Second of all, he was just a little bit tight. He could have continued to play. He didn't get hurt or anything else, but he just said he didn't feel loose – just felt a little bit tight, so we just sat him down."

"His legs were just tight. We just didn't feel like stretching that one of his preseason games."

"Yeah, he's a pretty good player. He did a nice job on the first play and then really did a nice job on the second one – making that guy miss in the red zone. I thought that was as good a play; maybe he didn't gain as much yards, but it was as good a play as the first one. But you guys know me: err on the side of caution in a preseason game. If someone says, ‘Hey, he's having a problem warming up, he's a little bit tight,' it just makes sense to sit him down."

On if S Louis Delmas did okay: "Yeah he did. He made it through. Played about 20-some snaps. Made it through fine – didn't have any issues."

On the first-team defense giving up some points: "The first drive – we kept them in it a couple times. Had a missed assignment; I think we had a penalty in that one, but I think the biggest thing there is we didn't give up too many big plays. What we did is we just stayed alive, stayed alive, stayed alive, held them to a field goal. Sort of the opposite side of what I talked about last week with offense needing to score touchdowns, defense found a way to rise up right there. And it wasn't a good first drive for us, but there were a couple things: we didn't give up big plays and we were able to hold them in the red zone and then (only) give up a three right there. You're going to stay in the game and give yourself a chance to win if you don't give up touchdowns."

On creating turnovers being something they have to do: "Yeah, we did a good job of attacking the football, stripped some balls out of there. Missed some opportunities for some interceptions. We had some that we honestly should have made; guys just need to play a little bit more aggressive in the coverage that they have and we have a chance to make some interceptions. But we attacked the football good; we were around the football – that's good to see. Got in the endzone on one, which sort of went 50-50 on them getting a defensive touchdown. But, yeah, the turnovers are always good. It stops drives and puts your offense into scoring position."

On how he evaluates a game where they win, but the first-team defense gave up 20-of-25 from QB Jake Delhomme: "Like I said, if it's 20-of-25 and they're all 4-yard passes, not often are you going to be able to do a lot about that. But we need to play better on defense. We didn't play our best football on defense – we need to play better. Like I said, there are some things I think they did a nice job with: the turnovers, rising up on the field goal on the opening drive – things like that."

On RB Aaron Brown not making the running back competition any easier: "Yeah, he did a nice job running the football. Going back, it was probably his best complete game as a running back. I'd like to see him get a little bit more aggressive on some of his returns – he bobbled that one ball on the kickoff return – but (he also) did a nice job in the passing game, did a nice job in the running game running both inside and outside. So I thought Aaron did a nice job there."

On DT Ndamukong Suh: "He was around the quarterback a couple times. It's hard to really evaluate a defensive lineman until you watch the film. It's hard to isolate – particularly an interior guy – and be able to see. He's seen a lot of different things. A lot of different ways people try to attack out defense and getting that experience is good for him."

On how DB Amari Spievey did after being "thrown into the fire" at safety: "I'd like to see him make that one play on the sideline. He got halfway in between going for the hit or going for the pick and if he just goes for the hit, that guy never comes down in bounds. That's something that comes from experience. He's been a safety for just a few days on a short week, so I don't want to read too much into that. I thought he did a nice job tackling – it's alignments and also needing a lot of work. We knew that was going to be the case going in, but we also wanted to play him quite a bit to get him out there and get him exposed to that stuff. The only way he's going to learn is getting out there and playing.

"We're a little bit short on time with him. We've had a couple different issues. We've had some times where our corners have been so limited in practice that we couldn't get him any safety reps. And there's been times that, all of a sudden we have safety injuries, and we have to turn around and get him back out there quickly at safety. Hasn't been the best situation for him. I think he had one play that he really had a terrible missed assignment. The rest of the time, he just needs to tighten up some alignments and just get a little feel. But he's tough, he'll tackle, he's got good range."

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Harrison Hopes to Cure Fumblei…

Harrison Hopes to Cure Fumbleitis: Browns turnovers have been scoring points for their opponents, and 2009 standou… http://bit.ly/aP1Gz3

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Browns-Lions: 70 Game Photos!:…

Browns-Lions: 70 Game Photos!: The AP and Getty Images outdid themselves covering the Browns third pre-season game. http://bit.ly/b1kls5

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Vote for Gameballs and Goats!!…

Vote for Gameballs and Goats!!: It’s best that Best left, but, oh, those turnovers… Cast your votes!! http://bit.ly/defFLS

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Browns Fumble Away GLC: Browns…

Browns Fumble Away GLC: Browns’ second-teamers squander 10-point halftime in the latest chapter of the Great Lakes… http://bit.ly/cHbAkt

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