Browns-Lions: Gameballs and Goats

Jake Delhomme... we love you, man. For now. Don't screw up.

SUMMARY: There wasn't a lot to capture Browns fans interest in game number three. It was a mixed bag, with some solid offense, turnovers, some questionable defense, and not a lot to grab onto. OBR visitors continue to dig what the team is doing on offense, bwith new additions Delhomme and Peyton Hillis continuing to get a lot of love. The honeymoon with Jerome Harrison won't restart until he stops putting the ball on the ground.

Player Gameballs
Jake Delhomme (QB / 17) 143
Peyton Hillis (FB / 40) 111
Josh Cribbs (WR / 16) 53
Lawrence Vickers (FB / 47) 21
Brian Schaefering (DL / 91) 14

Player Goats
Jerome Harrison (RB / 35) 86
Entire Defense 54
Colt McCoy (QB / 12) 41
Abram Elam (S / 26) 31
Eric Barton (ILB / 50) 20


Fan Gameball Write-in Goathorn Write-in
chowdogg Colt Quinanderson
Entire LB corp
Abe Elam
Abe Elam
BuckeyeInDenver Ndamakong Suh trying to rip Delhomme's head off
Joe23 Daboll & Mangini
Entire 2nd and 3rd Units
1stAnubiis Offensive Line Ndamukong Suh
idrthrbncleve Massaquoi
bighag Ben Watson The front 7
BUCKEYE4life74 Second & third team d
dawgbizquick Old guys LBs need to step aside
JAB 2nd team D
The Receivers The Linebackers
Cribbs for making the rest of the team look bad
LeBentley Charlie Sanders Pink Shoes
BernieK19 Fumbles!!!
TheYankeeKiller Linebackers' Cinder Block Feet
RabidDawg Brian Daboll
houndfromhell Ben Watson The entire Defense
houndfromhell Ben Watson The entire defense.
offensive line Rob Ryan
Eric Wright's showboating
Get well soon Nick! Helment to helment contact.
MadDoginaMeatMarket Art Modell
Denver & Arizona for taking Quinanderson out of our hair. No gel in the defense and no speed from Harrison.
deathbyeagle New York Essence - no real estate????
Jim Brown's Stupid Hat
Ben Watson Casey Bender
all former Jets players!!!!
eezer Weldon, Lebron
Pass Rush - Harrison fumbelitis
Offensive Line

Fan Gameball Comments
chowdogg first team offense has some ability
djw333 Dawson is as solid as they come, Delhomme looks good, and Hillis is a beast.
BuckeyeInDenver First of all, the most important thing is that Nick Sorenson is healthy--that was great news.

That having been said, Delhomme continues to look tremendous. It's amazing what an experienced, veteran leader can do for an offense--he looked like Peyton Manning out there running the no-huddle. And great to see Josh Cribbs make that incredible catch on the sidelines, solid evidence that he's making real progress as a WR.
Joe23 Daboll & Mangini get the gameball for not waiting until they got to the locker room to rip Colt McCoy for his last pass.
1stAnubiis Dispite the rather dismissive comments of the analysts on NFL network in regards to the Browns as a team it was indeed the Offensive line that stood out to me. Most of the game particularly the first half with the 1s on offense against the 1s for Detroits defense it was the OL that won the battle. The vaunted Sue and Van Debosh along with Corey Williams could not sack Delhomme. rough'em up a little but largely ineffective; no the QB helped by delivering the ball quickly but the held the point and even roughed them up from time to time. Gentelman of the OL...AWESOME!!
idrthrbncleve Massaquoi was quiet and effective.

I like the Mitchell reverse, that was fun.
bighag I am thrilled to have a real QB; Delhomme just gets it done. That catch of Cribbs' is highlight reel. I love the way Hillis runs; a steal of a trade. I can't wait to see Watson in the regular season. I think we're going to see a lot of highlight grabs in the endzone.
Jake D has the essential quality to make the short-to-medium range passing game work: accuracy. Heady veteran too. Peyton Hillis is turning out to be a huge steal; what did the Broncos not like about this guy? Joe Thomas had Vander Bosch crying for his mommy, and made it look easy.
Want to give 4 this week and give one to Nick Sorensen, too!
Nick Sorensen deserves the gameball, hope hes okay and can get back on the field quickly,
RabidDawg The offensive game plan looks a lot better with real quarterbacks.
LosAngelesDawg The sophomores are stepping up...
houndfromhell The starting offensive line.
James Davis.
CCClay57 Joe is getting better every week
Josh is not only the best returner in the game but he is also turning into a damn fine receiver
Lavauo held his own against Suh and the lions right site
houndfromhell The starting offensive line.
James (firstdown) Davis.
Irishjt Josh Cribbs has continued to impress as a receiver in the preseason. He made a helluva catch from Delhomme. He also had a nice kick return to lead to the first field goal.

Peyton Hillis just goes out there and plays hard. He has been a nice surprise for the Browns.

Delhomme has been playing great during the preseason. I wasn't happy with the signing although I always liked him. He's been bringing competence back to the QB position in Cleveland, though.
bohns75 If Jake Delhomme plays like this through the season we may finally have a leader on offense. He was calm, cool and collected in the 1st half, even after he got whacked a few times by their defense.
dp10451 Jake is showing that last year was an aberration. Hillis is just a beast. Great trade for our side. Robo is finally stepping up. Hope it continues.
brownsclown Jake Delhomme just knows when to and who to throw to. Just getting us in the right play and executing it correctly is huge. You gotta love Peyton Hillis and his style. Nick Sorenson is a guy who lays it on the line all the time and deserves to be acknowledged.
Aqib OK I don't like the Delhomme signing and I think we will regret it but he did well this week.

Peyton Hillis is fun to watch.

Cribbs is coming into his own as a WR
froggy60 Jake is doing a great job of running the offense.

Peyton is a true blue collar player and fits this city very well.

good play but, lose the show boating
deathbyeagle Delhomme is accurate -- we have not seen an accurate passer in Cleveland since Bernie. It has been a while.
He has been a pleasant surprise.
Hope Sorensen is okay-we need him!


Fan Goathorn Comments
chowdogg second team defense is horrible
djw333 Can we please cut Casey Bender now? Front seven looks lame.
Surely there HAS to be somebody better than this practice squad bum. He can't cover and was absolutely "frozen" by Best on that long run. And to think he held out of OTA's for more $$$-Jeezz!
BuckeyeInDenver Hang onto the dang ball, guys! The fumbling is becoming an epidemic. The team looks vastly improved, but if the fumbling epidemic doesn't stop, we're in for a long season.

And what's up with the refs blown pass interference calls in the endzone this preseason? The call on Wright was pure b.s.--there was little contact & the ball was uncatchable, anyway. Here's hoping the refs get them all out of their system now.

Oh, and Abe Elam is horrible. All he seems to do is miss tackles and blow coverages.
Joe23 Defense gets the horns for not being able to cover any TE, even 3rd stringers. Get well soon, D'Qwell.
Our Linebackers, with the exception of Gocong, do not belong in the NFL
1stAnubiis Turnovers equal loses and that's what did the Browns in this game. I don't think its a problem and better now than during the reqular season but Harrison and Moore's fumbles were converted into points that helped the Lions win this game that surely should have been a Browns win. What's that saying from the Jaws of Victory we snatched defeat. Oh yea and a special Goat horn for Suh, he went old school on Delhomme and by all rights to the rules of today he should have been thrown out of the game. He could have ended the Browns season with that meat head play!
idrthrbncleve Barton and Bowens should be third string at best. I think the NFL Network's Detroit announcers kept saying Bowens was "long in the tooth."

He Jerome, protect the ball.
bighag It was like last year, watching guys run up the middle for 5 or 6 yards. NO PASSRUSH! I hope the sieve can be blocked.
dawgbizquick Bowens got beaten so many times it was so frustrating...TEs, RBs, and he was the worst part he was out of shape.

Barton for the 3rd straight game looked like he was lost. Blindly hitting holes..(leading to the 60 yard Javid Best run...In zone coverage, he was out of position several times...

Pimping moving Fujita to the inside and can Marcus Benard get a start since he is our only pass rusher.
roscoe2009 Abram Elam has got to go,Coach Rob your defense is horrible.Why can't we tackle and cover receiver's,is it the player's or coaches.Send coach Rob back to Oakland,their defense has got better since he left there.I have been a fan for 55 year's and this defense is one of the worst one's i have ever saw.
Gotta give the Ghost horns for that fumble - obviously costly. His paperboy looks probably don't help, but the more I watch McCoy play the more I doubt he has what it takes to play with the big boys. A write-in for the entire linebacking corps. Is there anyone that can cover backs and tight ends? The good news this group is deep, but the bad news is they are all uniformly mediocre at best.
houndfromhell Who ever calls the offensive play`s, and
seem`s to be to retarted to simply hand the ball to James(Firstdown)Davis.All he
does is make positive yards, with the ball securly in his hands.
Jenning`s cant cut it, Have Davis start
and not only wont there be a drop off,
but the offense will excell.
CCClay57 Really Colt? A Hail Mary landing at least 10 yards out of bounds. Pretty sure I saw Mancini say WTF was that?
Abe, where are you Abe, Abe?
Chris you're leading the camp in running the wrong way.
houndfromhell The usual stooges, Barton and Elam.
Whoever didn`t give James Davis the rock
When he touches the ball, we gain positive yard`s. BUT NO, they gave it to Chris (WRONGWAY) Jennings.
Irishjt It's not a CIA secret that defense played horribly. The offense will have to score 72 pts/game just to give the Browns a chance to win.

Throw Rob Ryan some of the blame. The defense just looked slow and unprepared.

Braylons' flash just because.
bohns75 Rob Ryan has been nothing but all talk since he arrived in Cleveland. He had one good year as a defensive coordinator in Oakland, but that has been it. He may be entertaining to listen to, but I'd rather be entertained by a defense that knocks the crap out of the opposing offense. As a coach ... he should be in college .. maybe with a Div. II team.
dp10451 Jerome, that ain't the sun you're feeling on the back of your neck. It's Hillis and Hardesty. Feel the heat? Colt, we need more than dink and dunk, then punt. You seem to have the same affliction as Harrison too. The defense blew this one big time. I mean, hell, this was the Lions not the Colts or Pats. C'mon guys. We need you.
brownsclown The defense was swiss cheese. I picked Barton and Bowens but all the linebackers had trpuble covering or pressurring. I hope Ryan is holding back because right now our defense is scaring. The offense has improved but not enpugh to get in shootouts.
Aqib Jerome stop putting the ball on the ground. That hurts the team.

Hey defense, opening day is 9/12. Kickoff is at 1PM, at Cleveland Browns stadium which is in downtown cleveland. Take either East 9th or west 3rd street north from the highway towards the lake. You can't miss it. I am giving you this reminder so that you actually show up.

Colt McCoy looks worse than any QB in a preseason game since the return. Somewhere Kevin Thompson, Mike Cook, Richard Bartell, and Nate Hybl are going "this guy sucks."
froggy60 bowens is to fat and to slow. cut him.

memo to jerome the idea is to hold onto the football.

stupid penalties and out of position. tired of seeing lb that can not cover in passing situations.
deathbyeagle Defense needs to get some pressure, otherwise it will be pitch and catch.
Target D-Line in next years draft - most of our guys are retreads. Also-Harrison too small to be everydown back - let Hardesty and Hillis carry the ball in real games.
Eric Barton is terrible..please i hope we cut him...there is a reason the defense got better last year after he was out. Bowens is so much better

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