A Changing of the Guard

Welcome to the new and improved coverage of our now defending World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As we wish our previous predecessors the best of luck, we are more than confident that we can improve on the foundation that has been laid before us.

Are you ready to read material that comes from inside the huddle? I am the site editor so allow me to introduce myself; my name is Euan pronounced, "you win" McCreath. Really Buc fans, does a better sports name exist?

I am all fired up to be back in the NFL after a two-year hiatus. I had provided coverage of the Bucs during the 2000 & 2001 seasons until I felt the ripple effects of the 9/11 attacks that ultimately ended my stay in the league. Now I am back with a swagger and to say that I am excited for this opportunity would be a vast understatement. Insight, attitude along with an in your face writing style is what you fans can expect from me on a daily basis.

Ronnie Boone has been in the Internet business since birth. Ronnie has been running a premier Buccaneer fan sight for years and just happens to be the most knowledgeable Buc fan alive. Once torn between his hometown Redskins and the Buccaneers, Boone listened to his heart as all the great ones do and is now a Buc fanatic. Ronnie now heads up the dynamics of the site in terms of the web design however his real worth is his knowledge and love for the Bucs that ultimately makes his contributions invaluable.

Publisher Rob Wolfe, who hails from the Nashville, Tennessee bleeds Buccaneer red. With insightful predictions and the foresight to corner the market on Chucky dolls Rob does it all and has established himself as a true Buccaneer insider. In fact the stocky 5'7, 220-pound journeyman has more than found a home here in the Bay area. Rob brings a multi-faceted sports mind and enthusiasm to a table already set by the Insiders network, Ronnie and myself.

Ensuring the quality of content to our Buccaneer fans around the world is the only objective we have. With that being said only one-question remains, are you ready for some football?

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