Time To Go To Work

The Super Bowl Champions started to reinforce their already stable foundation to defend their title today as they opened camp this morning in front of hundreds of Buccaneer fans in Orlando.

Question: Are fans and players alike worried about a post Super Bowl slump entering into this season? This question was addressed by Pro Bowl safety John Lynch.

"I think we have to good of leadership on this team to fall into that trap. Besides coach Gruden wouldn't allow that to happen anyway. We realize that just because we are World Champions doesn't mean people are going to lay down for us," added the hard-hitting safety. "We have to build a whole new chemistry."

I have heard many times that a team is a reflection of their coach and if this is so then the Bucs are in for another outstanding year. When prompted to comment on head coach Jon Gruden and his motivational tactics Lynch had this to say, "His passion for the game is there everyday and it's genuine. That's just him and we as players feed of that intensity. He is like the Energizer bunny. He just keeps going and going."

"We realize we have a lot of work to do," said coach Gruden. "It's our second year in the system so we feel like we should improve on offense." It's day one of camp, the first session of the year and yet Gruden was still very vocal, urging his offense to get it going and to pick up the tempo. Simply put complacency isn't in this guy's vocabulary.

So much of the Buccaneer stellar defense is built on familiarity with one another and with it, the trust that comes with being able to rely on teammates. I posed the question to John about the subject and he had this to say, "We play a one-gap scheme so we have to know where everybody is. You can't freelance in this system so a lot of it is built on that trust."

With the kind of demeanor and presence Jon Gruden has instilled in his players, the likelihood off a slump by the Buccaneers is non-existent. On the first day of camp there was intensity, a little healthy jarring between lineman and a very competitive atmosphere, which sets the table for a very successful training camp.

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