CSDTV: Dykes in Spring

Sonny Dykes talks everything from pizza to injuries in these exclusive videos of the California head coach's luncheon with local reporters, previewing spring football.

Defensive line and linebackers, local cuisine

Offseason non-football workouts, becoming a part of the complete student-athlete experience

QB competition, initial depth chart, how quick the offense will be up and running; execution-based offense, not a trick-based offense

Moving guys around, pecking order at RB; Bigelow

Offensive line, speed of the offense, adjusting to a new system

Overall athleticism assessment, secondary, middle linebacker competition

Recruiting, competing with Stanford and Oregon

Addressing spring injuries, Yarnway and McClure

Addressing tight ends; difference between inside and outside receivers; different types of players playing the same positions, Wark, Muhammad and baseball/track

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