Bucs P.M. Scrimmage Notes Against Dolphins - 8/10

August 10 – Tampa Bay and Miami held the first of three joint practices on Friday afternoon at Pepin-Rood Stadium. Buccaneer Magazine was on hand at the University of Tampa to give you the details from Friday's practice.

Here are some quick hits from Friday's joint practice between the Miami Dolphins and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The practice lasted just under two-hours. The practice was supposed to last exactly two-hours, but the teams got started earlier than they expected and the sky was threatening to open up over Pepin-Rood Stadium.

AUTOMATICA GRAMATICA: Well, he wasn't quite automatic, but he displayed a very strong and accurate leg against the Dolphins special teams unit on Friday afternoon. Gramatica successfully kicked eight field goals and missed two. Two of Gramatica's successful field goals were from 53-yards out and would have probably been good from about 65-yards away. The two field goals Gramatica missed were wide left.

MURPHY MEZMORIZES: During individual drills, Bucs' WR Frank Murphy lined up against Dolphins' CB Deshone Mallard. Murphy was tightly covered as he cut toward the sideline, but Murphy jumped up high and made a miraculous catch on the sideline. Later on in the same drill, Murphy lost his footing while running his pattern, but still managed to get up and catch the ball that was thrown to him by QB Brad Johnson. This play was just as impressive as Murphy's first catch against Miami. Murphy also caught a pass from QB Shaun King in 11-on-11 drills and displayed tremendous speed as he ran up field with the ball for what would have been a 25-30 yard gain.

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH: At least Miami's defensive backs couldn't. Bucs' WR Karl Williams' performance against the Dolphins on Friday was just as impressive as Murphy's. On Williams' first catch of the afternoon, he pulled away from Dolphins' CB Patrick Surtain to pull in a pass from QB Brad Johnson. But Williams' best was yet to come. Williams pulled off a tremendous juke move toward the middle of the field against CB Aturo Freeman and cut toward the corner of the end zone where QB Shaun King had thrown a perfect 45-yard pass to him for a touchdown.

BUCS' LT WALKER VS. DOLPHINS' DE TAYLOR: All eyes were on Tampa Bay rookie LT Kenyatta Walker and Miami Pro Bowl DE Jason Taylor as they lined up against each other on Friday afternoon. Walker was impressive to say the least. Walker handled Taylor in team drills and individual drills, which showed how much Bucs' DE Simeon Rice has helped Walker protect against speed rushers. On one occasion, the crowd at Pepin-Rood Stadium erupted when Walker pancaked Miami DE Adewale Ogunleye in individual drills.

"Kenyatta did well," said Dungy. "He's had good work going up against Simeon Rice, Steve White and Jason Taylor-obviously a Pro Bowl guy. We feel like he's going to be ready for the regular season after a couple of weeks like this."

JOHNSON AND KING RECEIVE PLENTY OF REPS-HAMILTON RECEIVES NONE: Bucs' quarterbacks Brad Johnson and Shaun King received all of the reps against the Dolphins' defense on Friday afternoon. Despite QB Ryan Leaf not attending Friday's practice due to a death in his family, QB Joe Hamilton did not receive any reps.

Johnson was impressive throwing the ball against Miami's defense. Perhaps Johnson's best throw of the afternoon was to WR Keyshawn Johnson. B. Johnson hit K. Johnson on the sideline during 11-on-11 drills for a 15-yard gain. B. Johnson placed the ball in the only area K. Johnson could have caught it. Both the pass and catch were impressive. Johnson was, however, intercepted by Miami S Brock Marion. Johnson's pass was intended for K. Johnson in the middle of the field, but Marion took advantage of a bad throw and read by B. Johnson. B. Johnson made up for his poor pass a few plays later when he threw a perfect strike down the sidelines to RB Warrick Dunn for a 30-yard gain.

"I thought Brad did well," said Dungy. "It's an ongoing process with him, getting adjusted to our receivers. This was really our first day of seeing the type of coverage Miami plays. It's tight, physical, bump and run coverage. I thought it was good for us and we will improve."

Bucs' QB Shaun King was a bit inconsistent in the beginning of practice against the Dolphins, but for the most part, he did well. King hit WR Jacquay Nunnelly and WR Alex Willis in stride across the middle of the field in 11-on-11 drills. King also hit Nunnelly down the sideline for a 20-yard gain. King's best throw of the afternoon was his strike to Williams for a touchdown.

Not only did King display a fairly accurate arm on Friday, but he also showed some very impressive speed bursts. King has come into training camp in the best shape of his life, and it certainly showed against Miami's oncoming rush. King looked like he was going to be sacked, but he quickly scrambled out of the pocket and completed a pass to a sliding WR Reidel Anthony for a 10-yard gain.

MISCELLANEOUS PLAYS: Here are a few plays that are worth mentioning from Friday's practice.

Second-year TE Todd Yoder put a relentless block on a Miami defender, which opened up a hole for RB Warrick Dunn to blow through for a 20-yard gain.

Running back Aaron Stecker showed some very fresh and quick legs against Miami as he has all of training camp.

INJURIES: There were only two Bucs' injured during the workouts with the Miami Dolphins. Rookie WR Frank Rice was carted off of the field with what appears to be a serious leg injury. Back-up C/G Todd Washington dislocated his finger against the Dolphins, but that injury is not expected to keep him out of tomorrow's practices.

DUNGY'S IMPRESSIONS: So, what did head coach Tony Dungy think of the first day of workouts with the Dolphins?

"I thought it would be good," said Dungy. "Miami is a great team to work against. They have the same philosophy that we do. They practice hard and play hard. We knew it was going to be good work.

"I didn't particularly like our tempo," said Dungy. "I know it was hot and there were some new things going on, but I thought we could have been a little faster paced. This is a tough time at camp and our guys fought through it as well as they could."

The Bucs and Dolphins will hold two practices on Saturday, Aug. 11. The first will be in the morning from 9-11 a.m. and the second will be an afternoon practice from 4-6 p.m. ET. Both practices will be held at the University of Tampa's Pepin-Rood Stadium and are open to the public.

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