Dr. Roto's Exclusive QB Rankings (21-40)

Dr. Roto’s Exclusive QB Rankings : The following format was used to come up with my overall point total: (TD passes x 4; Total passing yards / 20 ; Rushing yards x .10; Rushing TDs x 6)

Dr. Roto's Exclusive Rankings

QB: 1-20 | 21-40
RB PPR: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
WR PPR: 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75
TE PPR: 1-20
DST: 1-20
K: 1-20


21) Alex Smith (Bye 6) 315 points
Smith played well above his head last year. There were times that he was simply afraid to throw the ball in traffic.

22) Joe Flacco (Bye 11) 305 points
Flacco gets very little respect, but he is a solid QB2 on any Fantasy roster. Flacco really missed Dennis Pitta last year. With Pitta back and the signing of Steve Smith (FA from Carolina), Flacco may have the best receiving corps he has ever worked with.

23) Josh McCown (Bye 7) 304 points
McCown benefitted from Cutler’s injury and the genius of HC Marc Trestman in 2013. That said, new OC Jeff Tedford is a creative play caller and the Buccaneers have some serious weapons with Vincent Jackson and Mike Evans. McCown has some presence in the pocket too. I like him more than most.

24) E.J. Manuel (Bye 9) 294 points
Manuel would make my All-Airport team: guys who look good on the plane but not as good on the field. The Bills have added some real weapons this season. Now it is Manuel’s job to step up his game and make sure he improves his accuracy. I will keep my eye on him but probably avoid drafting him.

25) Johnny Manziel (Bye 4) 288 points
I am basing this point total on him getting the job early on during the season. He has a lot of Brett Favre in him, with his ability to improvise. I expect him to be wildly inconsistent this year, but he might have four to five huge games for Fantasy owners.

26) Jake Locker (Bye 9) 280 points
Roto Visonary says: This is Locker’s last shot in Tennessee. He needs to show the team that he is their QB of the future and he needs to improve his accuracy. Locker is an athlete playing QB. He has the right teacher in HC Ken Wisenhunt, but Rookie QB Mettenberger is breathing down his neck.

27) Sam Bradford (Bye 4) 244 points
I want to be a believer in Bradford, but he plays in the toughest division in the NFL. It’s like six games that are guaranteed to be low scoring affairs. The Rams also need their young receivers to emerge. There will be one person in your draft who will overrate Bradford this year. Don’t let that person be you.

28) Geno Smith (Bye 11) 241 points
I see glimmers of ability in Smith, but he has to learn to put it all together now as the starter. The question is: Will he get the chance to prove it? In the fish bowl that is New York, I can easily picture the crowd calling for Michael Vick to take the helm. This will completely undermine Smith’s confidence and be the main reason why I avoid drafting him.

29) Ryan Fitzpatrick (Bye 10) 233 points
I am a believer in HC Bill O’Brien’s system and I love Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins. In fact, don’t be shocked to see the Texans make a playoff run this year. Fitzpatrick is a smart, steady player who is unafraid to take chances. I love him as a late round pick this year.

30) Matt Schaub (Bye 5) 226 points
Schaub will start the year as the Raiders QB, but I would bet against him finishing the year. I think his confidence is shattered and at some point the team will want to give a look to young stud QB Derek Carr.

31) Matt Cassel (Bye 10) 217 points
It’s only a matter of time until Rookie QB Teddy Bridgewater comes in to lead the Vikings. That said, Cassel is a steady player who won’t hurt the team. Expect him to start the first nine games and then watch Bridgewater take control after the team’s BYE week if they are out if it.

32) Chad Henne (Bye 11) 189 points
If you are drafting Henne for any good reason, please call my office for an immediate appointment.

33) Brian Hoyer
He showed some moxie last year before his injury. The Browns will want to take some pressure off Manziel early on, but Hoyer will not make it through the season as a starter.

34) Kirk Cousins
He has shown that he can lead the team when RGIII is out. Jay Gruden will really help him as well. I love him as a dynasty league sleeper.

35) Michael Vick
When will the Jets fans turn on Geno Smith? If it happens early in the year, look for Vick to have four to five really solid starts.

36) Teddy Bridgewater
Bridgewater can be special and he is surrounded by great talent. Once he enters the lineup, he may not come out for ten years.

37) Derek Carr
Watch this guy closely. He has a cannon for an arm and can really throw the ball deep. Schaub should be worried.

38) Blake Bortles
The Jaguars have said that they will not rush Bortles. This sounds good, but he will play at some point this year. He really needs some seasoning. The learning curve might be a two to three year window for him.

39) Mike Glennon
He showed decent pocket presence last year and has excellent size. McCown is only a stop gap for Tampa, so Glennon still has a chance to show the team that he is the man for the job.

40) Zach Mettenberger
If Jake Locker falls to the injury bug, Mettenberger will get the chance to show what he can do. If he plays well, Locker will be Wally Pipped out of Tennessee.

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