Dr. Roto's Exclusive WR PPR Rankings (26-50)

Dr. Roto’s Exclusive WR PPR Rankings (26 to 50). Formula: (Number of receptions) + (Number of TDs x 6) + (Total Receiving Yards x 0.1) = My Fantasy points projection

Dr. Roto's Exclusive Rankings

QB: 1-20 | 21-40
RB PPR: 1-20 | 21-40 | 41-60
WR PPR: 1-25 | 26-50 | 51-75
TE PPR: 1-20
DST: 1-20
K: 1-20



26) Wes Welker - 210 points
I think this is the year for a big drop-off for Welker. Let someone else in your league grab him.

27) Dwayne Bowe - 210 points
Is it just me or did Alex Smith look afraid to throw the ball in traffic last year? I will take Bowe as my WR3, but not before.

28) Marques Colston - 209 points
Many people will say he is slowing down, but I think they are wrong. Give him five catches per week—that would give him 80 for the season. There’s nothing wrong with that.

29) Sammy Watkins (ROTO) - 208 points
Mrs. Roto and I are happy to welcome the birth of our newest Roto child! Not only is he a talented receiver, but he wants to be great. Watkins will be featured by the Bills early and often.

30) Julian Edelman - 207 points
He was very good last year. Can he keep it up? I think so. Brady knows he can go to him in clutch situations.

31) Emmanuel Sanders - 206 points
Give Sanders one more year before he jumps into the top-twenty. He is a tremendous route runner and Manning will love throwing him the ball. Sanders is a terrific option at WR3.

32) Eric Decker - 205 points
He moves from the best QB in Manning to one of the worst in Geno Smith. Let someone else look at last year’s numbers and draft him way sooner than they should.

33) T.Y. Hilton - 204 points
Check me into the T.Y. Hilton! I have loved this guy from his days at FIU. I just wish the Colts would feature him more in their offense instead of using him as an afterthought. He tends to get the most catches in the games they are playing from behind.

34) Torrey Smith - 202 points
T. Smith should benefit from the signing of Steve Smith. He is underrated and a great choice as your WR3.

Dallas Cowboys Terrance Williams


35) Terrance Williams - 202 points
The perfect book end to Dez Bryant. He is tall, rangy, fast and should catch at least seven long-distance TDs.

36) Reggie Wayne - 196 points
I can guarantee you that he won’t be on any of my teams this year, but someone will take him hoping that he reverts back to form.

37) Kenny Stills - 194 points
He is the Saints' version of Terrance Williams. He won’t have more than three to four catches a game, but I can see him with a bunch of long-distance TDs.

38) Cecil Shorts III - 190 points
Already struggling with a hamstring injury, I am planning on avoiding Shorts this year. Hamstrings are tricky and those injuries reoccur constantly.

39) Brandin Cooks - 187 points
Drew Brees likes him and says he is a student of the game. I’m sold.


40) Mike Evans - 184 points
He really benefits from having Jackson on the other side of the field. He made some great plays at Texas A&M, but a lot of his success was based on Manziel’s ability to keep the play going. I think he is a bit overrated for 2014.

41) Greg Jennings - 184 points
This might be wishful thinking for Jennings, but he still has some upside. He just needs the Vikings to settle on a QB.

42) Golden Tate - 183 points
Tate gains a top notch QB in Matthew Stafford and an offense that likes to throw the ball downfield. The downside is that he might be the fourth option in the passing game. Tread lightly.

43) Riley Cooper - 182 points
Cooper flashed way more last year than anyone anticipated. Can he do it again? I doubt it, but he is still a big target in the red zone.

44) Marvin Jones - 178 points
He started to breakout just a bit last year. Is this the year that he busts through the door? New OC Hue Jackson likes to throw the ball deep. He is a sleeper who is getting overlooked.

45) Tavon Austin - 175 points
Lots of hype surrounded Austin last year, but Bradford’s injury squelched any real chance he had of finding success. Let’s give him a mulligan for 2013 and put him back into the WR3 category for 2014.

Houston Texans WR DeAndre Hopkins

46) DeAndre Hopkins - 174 points
The only thing holding him back is the QB. I would love him as my WR4 this year but I think he will get drafted earlier.

47) Steve Smith - 170 points
While many Fantasy owners will draft Hopkins looking for upside, I will take my chances with Smith. Flacco will love throwing to the sure handed WR who still flashes top-level ability.


48) James Jones - 170 points
Jones left the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to goes to the Black Hole in Oakland. He will fall in your draft. Scoop him up as your WR5 and enjoy the ride.

49) Hakeem Nicks - 170 points
Someone in your league will think that Nicks is due for a rebound. That person is wrong. Nicks can’t stay on the field and when he does he is miserably inconsistent. Pass.

50) Miles Austin - 170 points
If he can stay healthy (a big IF) and if he can avoid mental lapses (another big IF), Austin has a chance to surprise. I will take the chance but only as my WR5.

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