Daily Dr. Roto - Monday, August 11

Feeling an impulse to reach for a team defense? Get control of yourself, man! If you want to be a competent and legit Fantasy owner, you should never be the first guy to draft a defense. Allow some other knucklehead to take the bait. Dr. Roto would approve.


Just say NO

I have always been a fan of Greek mythology. I loved reading about Zeus, Hercules, Athena, Apollo and all the fables. One fable in particular that I always enjoyed was about the Sirens. The Sirens were dangerous, yet beautiful creatures. They were often portrayed as beautiful women who lured sailors with their music and voices to shipwreck on the rocky coast of their island. Even the old cheesy TV show Batman (starring Adam West) had "The Siren" as one of its villainesses.

I correlate the Sirens in Fantasy Football to team defenses. They scream out to owners, "Take me. I was the best defense last year. Take me this year and you will dominate your league." Yet, what most Fantasy owners fail to realize is that the best defenses from one year rarely are the best defenses the following year.

Best Rushing Defense: Green Bay Packers
Best Passing Defense: New York Jets

Best Rushing Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers
Best Passing Defense: San Diego Chargers

Best Rushing Defense: San Francisco 49ers
Best Passing Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers

Best Rushing Defense: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Best Passing Defense: Pittsburgh Steelers

Best Rushing Defense: Arizona Cardinals
Best Passing Defense: Seattle Seahawks

So in this example, only the Steelers were good enough to have the best passing defense two years in a row. All the best run defenses have changed for the last five years! This is just one simple example, but there's too many moving parts to have so much confidence in one defense that you reach for them.

In a normal 20-round draft, there will be some owner in your league that thinks he is "going against the grain" by taking the best defense in Round 10 or 11. Let him! Do not get seduced by the Sirens. Hear their music and sail on by in your boat and live another day. Be the smart owner and know that the great defenses change every year (especially with free agency) and wait on selecting your defense until Round 16-19 of that 20-round draft. Keep building your roster with depth at the other positions. With all the injuries that occur in the NFL, the team with the deepest roster is often the winner.

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