5 Bucs Who Have Disappointed In Camp

Aug. 23 - There have been several players who have disappointed the team with their performances in training camp and in the preseason through two games. I've compiled a list of the top 5 according to my scouting and input from Bucs insiders. New quarterback Ryan Leaf and tailback/fullback Rabih Abdullah top the list.

Here's a list of five players who have been disappointing through training camp and two preseason games.

The Top 5 Most Disappointing Buccaneers:

1. QB Ryan Leaf - Sure Leaf is trying to change his image in Tampa Bay, and he's been a choir boy. But his performance through two preseason games has been close to abysmal with an 8.2 QB rating and a 38 percent completion percentage. Leaf has also thrown an interception and been sacked four times. The Bucs had hoped for a much better preseason performance.

2. RB Rabih Abdullah - All of a sudden, Abdullah seems like a man without a position. He was a tailback, but the team is trying to convert him into a fullback. The experiment doesn't seem to be working. He's allowed running back Aaron Stecker to show him up in the preseason, and both fullbacks Jameel Cook and Leroy McFadden have also looked better in a blocking capacity.

3. FS John Howell - Howell has probably outperformed fellow rookie Than Merrill at the safety position, but this fourth-round draft pick hasn't made much of an impact in the first two preseason games. He hasn't forced many turnovers in practice and none in the two preseason contests. In fact, he has just one tackle. The Bucs thought he would have a better grasp of the defense and would be more instinctive by now.

4. RG Cosey Coleman - Coleman hasn't found much consistency in his performance. He's had his share of ups and downs through the first two preseason games. The fact that he's played the entire first half of both contests should help as the season progresses. Coleman needs to fight through his inconsistencies and level out his play, which was something Frank Middleton couldn't do.

5. CB Donnie Abraham - Abraham has performed better in practice than in the two preseason games. In fact, Abraham has gotten picked on a lot in preseason. He hasn't come close to making any plays on the ball, and has allowed too many receivers to catch the ball cleanly in front of him. That may be due to a minor leg injury. Look for Abraham to rebound once the season starts.

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