Bucs Post-Game Quotes

August 25 - The Tampa Bay Buccaneers recorded their first win of the preseason with a 20-3 win over the visiting New England Patriots. Find out what the Bucs' players and coaches thought of Tampa Bay's effort in their victory over the Patriots on Saturday night.

Defensive end Simeon Rice on his performance against the Patriots.
"I'm just working hard and trying to get in sync before the season roles around. We had pretty good first steps off the ball. Between Sapp and myself, it going well."

Defensive tackle Warren Sapp on the defense's performance against New England.
"The thing we are doing right now is we are gradually improving on a day to day basis. All of us have a way to improve our game and that is what we are doing. Our first goal is to get our and rush the passer and that is exactly what we did tonight. We rushed the hell out of them and made it difficult for them to throw the ball. It ain't going to change around here. That is what we do."

Sapp on his impressions of DE Simeon Rice.
"The thing about it is he's learning how to play with me and the only way you can get that done is going out every day and working hard. That is the thing you love about him is his attitude about working. We've been telling all along since he got here that the tackle is going to sit on me and all he has to do is come underneath."

Sapp on the team's performance.
"We made a couple of mistakes and did a couple of things uncharacteristic of our ball club, but we're working out the kinks. We got 20 points tonight and that is more than enough to get a win for us."

Sapp on the offense's emergence.
"It was nice to see our running game get going. That is what we are, a running team. We are going to use Brad, Keyshawn and the boys off the play-action pass and it is going to be tough for people to go out and defend us."

Sapp on offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen's play calling.
"Clyde is something special. We never had that type of variety in our plays a year ago. We were real predictable and Clyde changed that for us. We are using our weapons and that is the one thing we want to do is get the ball into people's hands that can make plays. You see what happens when we do that."

Sapp on the referees enforcing the taunting rule this season.
"I have been in this league for seven years. They know I am going to cut up, so they are going to give me a little leeway. Just like Michael Jordan gets to push off now and then when he plays, I get to cut up a little bit. They enjoy it too. There ain't anything wrong with that. I've earned it, I think."

Wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson on giving the offense a grade against New England.
"I'd give us a B-. I thought we did a pretty good job. We are not on an A level yet. We have to just continue to do well against Atlanta and then get ready for September 9."

Quarterback Ryan Leaf on Sapp's suggestions to Coach Dungy and Leaf during a time out before a fourth-and-2 play on the Patriots' 2-yard line.
"Warren is the assistant coach as we all know, so it's great to have a leader, and somebody who is so well established and a great All-Pro in your corner in some situations like that. As we know, he is very vocal."

Running back Aaron Stecker on leading the Bucs in touchdowns for the second preseason in a row with his touchdown catch against the Patriots.
"You know, Warrick was out there doing his thing and had the long run after that. Anytime the coaches have to put another player in there, they want them to step up and make a play. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to go out there and make a play."

Stecker on his touchdown catch from QB Shaun King.
"You hope to get one-on-one with a linebacker. I know I will outrun pretty much any linebacker out there that is going to cover me. It is a mismatch."

Christensen on the offenses' rhythm against the Patriots.
"It's hard to get rhythm when you only play your starters after 10 snaps. Tonight was good because you got more drives. I think it is important for Brad. He only has 60 game snaps as a Buccaneers, which is not even equivalent to one game. People are a little bit over sensitive, especially this part in the season. This is a guy that missed the first week of camp. He's just got to get snaps. We have not had our full starting unit in there and we probably won't until a quarter of the way through the season. We just have to keep plugging along and keep improving."

Christensen on RB Warrick Dunn's performance.
"That was neat to watch him get loose and see him go. I think he has really responded this offseason. He's trained hard and tried to get himself in shape where he can have the extra carries. I think he is on pace right now to have a really nice year."

Head coach Tony Dungy on his team's performance in the Bucs' 20-3 win over the Patriots.
"We were playing a little bit better and it was nice to see us get some rhythm on offense and defense. We still have a ways to go and still have some things to work on, but it's much better to win, especially at home. I thought our guys came out with a nice sense of purpose today and got some things done.

"The first group played a little longer, so we were able to build some continuity and see what was going on and make some adjustments. We're getting closer to where we need to be."

Dungy on C Todd Washington filling in for the injured Jeff Christy.
"I think Todd did well. There were a lot of things the center had to do this week because of the 3-4 defense. There were a lot of calls that had to be made and I thought Todd handled them well."

Dungy on RG Randall McDaniel's absence after only playing a couple of series.
"We're just kind of looking at the number of plays. He gets a little seniority discount, much like Paul Gruber used to get when he was here. Randall's playing fine and we had a chance to look at some other guys."

Dungy on DE Simeon Rice's first sack as a Buccaneer.
"Well, Simeon showed up tonight. Once we got ahead, it became a passing game and he is going to be good in that regards. I've been pleased with the defense and our run defense. If can continue to make people throw, we are going to be tough to throw against."

Dungy on playing against Atlanta QB Michael Vick next week.
"I have not really seen Michael Vick, but we'll start looking at some tape. I know Atlanta is playing hot. It should be a good test for us and will help us get ready."

QB Brad Johnson on the Bucs' offensive success against the Patriots.
"I felt like we had a better performance tonight than we had in the previous two games. I feel like the biggest improvement has been made in practice. I think we got off to a slow start because a lot of guys got injured in training camp. We've progressively gotten better and I think you saw that improvement tonight. We got some drives going and scored some points, and that was a good feeling for us tonight."

Johnson on the importance of getting a rhythm in a game.
"There's no excuses in the game, but knowing you are going to come out and play 1-2 series, it's kind of hard to get that mode. Tonight, we did not have to make things happen. We knew we were going to play at least a half and we did some good things tonight. In the passing game, I felt like we spread the ball around to a lot of receivers. I thought the biggest difficulty we had tonight was putting ourselves in second and third and long situations."

Johnson's comments after being asked if he saw DT Richard Seymour before throwing an interception to him.
"Yeah, I saw him the entire time. On that play, we had three different receiving options. They took away the primary, they took away the secondary, and on the third guy, it was our tight end on a little spot route. The guy who intercepted it was a defensive tackle. It's unique that he doesn't rush and falls back into coverage. I was checking the linebacker out. I actually saw what he did. I was thinking to myself that it was an easy touchdown, but he made a nice play to catch the ball. You have to congratulate him on the play, but you have to fault him for not rushing."

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