Glazers Have Influence On Selecting Winston

It's no secret that the number one thing NFL owners want for their franchises is a franchise quarterback. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that is no different.

It's no secret that the number one thing NFL owners want for their franchises is a franchise quarterback. For the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that is no different.

There have been so many suggestions on what the Bucs will do with the first overall selection of the 2015 NFL Draft. Many mock drafts are all starting to point to them selecting Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston. It's a pick that has come with much to debate about across the fan base due to his largely publicized off-field situations.

Even with all that, as you read right here on, I was informed nearly two weeks ago how much Bucs' scouts and front office folks are impressed with Winston's game with concerns over Oregon's Marcus Mariota's play. But they have bigger names to report to and try to convince that Winston is the guy.

Appearing on Mike and Mike on ESPN Radio, former Bucs' general manager Mark Dominik provided some potential insight on how the Glazer family will influence the possible selection of Winston when asked about the influence level of owners across the league.

"I think it is an effect on Jameis Winston," Dominik said. "[The NFL] has three and a half months to get ready for the draft, you have two and a half months to figure out Jameis Winston before you go to the owners and say this is the guy we are going to take, whether you're Tampa Bay or Tennessee because I think he is going one or two. You have to come to the owners and say this is what we found out about Jameis, this is why we think he's maturing off the field because everything on the field is really good. The leadership and everything you hear about football intelligence, excellent. But the one part you have worry about is can he grow up and mature and are you going to stake the franchise on him."

Dominik would add the steps to investigating Winston would be going back to his high school days and beyond, interviewing friends and relatives among others associated with him. The protocol is normal throughout the league and for the Buccaneers it's no different.

However, the biggest task will be interviewing Winston. The former Bucs' general manager shed some light on how to do so. Dominik said a lot of general managers go through interview training as the league pushes that option. So aside from asking Winston open ended questions, he would ask questions that pertain to his character.

"A lot of times, it's going behind the scenes behind the guy to find out 'How did you treat the equipment manager at Florida State'," Dominik added. "That's what I care about because that tells me a lot about your character."

Dominik says he has Oregon's Marcus Mariota No. 1 on his board but says if Winston nails his interviews he should easily be first overall.

We don't really know what the Glazers are thinking or who they prefer. Dominik's words on how ownership will influence the Bucs' selection could certinaly be a hint on how Tampa Bay's ownership truly functions. But as he stated, the front office has two and a half months to build a case for Winston. If they in fact go that direction.

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