Mailbag: Where Did It Go Wrong? has officially opened it’s mailbag to you, our readers. We have taken the questions asked in our thread this week in the Bucs Blitz message boards and are set to address them. has officially opened it’s mailbag to you, our readers. We have taken the questions asked in our thread this week in the Bucs Blitz message boards and are set to address them.

In this first ever edition we discuss where the Bucs went wrong, possibly trading the No. 1 pick, and Jameis Winston.

RLMBucsFan: Where did it all go wrong and why did it continue to suck since XXXVII?

I honestly wasn’t sure if this was a serious question at first but then I started thinking about it and I realized that a lot has gone wrong since January 26, 2003. In my opinion, things have not been favorable for the Bucs since the season that immediately followed their Super Bowl victory. The team went to Tokyo, Japan for a preseason Hall of Fame game on August 2, 2003. Although the Buccaneers won convincingly against the New York Jets, the quick rise to recognition has been brought down to earth just as fast. Since then there have been defensive collapses, lack of playoff appearances and victories, several coaching and personnel changes as well as faces of the treated awkwardly during their release (insert you Derrick Brooks heartbreak here).

Other issues like coaches not wanting to be part of the organization to MRSA have resonated loudly through the memory banks of the entire fanbase. The team has reaffirmed their irrelevancy in recent years and to add salt to the wound they can’t even get into the playoffs with a 10-6 record in 2010. Perhaps this team is just cursed and have to wait another 27 years from their Super Bowl to reach stardom once again.

RLMBucsFan: Are the Bucs smart enough with smokescreens to feign interest in Mariota to draw in the Eagles for a big trade for that number one?

I've said countless times that I do not agree with the notion of trading out of the first pick. It's not often you get to pick No. 1 and have potentially two starting quarterbacks to choose from. However, I can tell you the Bucs have at least entertained talks during the week of the East-West Shrine game as there were many team executives in Tampa Bay from across the league. Does it mean anything at this time? Absolutely not. A little conversation doesn't mean much so early in the process. At the end of the day, the Buccaneers are better off sticking to where they are with the first overall selection and not miss out on getting one of the projected Top 2 quarterbacks.

BucsMagicBraves: Gil, in light of Schefter's report, have you heard anything new on the Jameis/Bucs front? Also, [Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota] doesn't seem like the type to force his way to Philly, but if his preference is to play there, why would we want to make him the face of our franchise when his heart was somewhere else?

As of this very moment I have not been told anything different. Thursday on, I wrote that there was not much to make of Adam Schefter's report regarding the Bucs interest in Marcus Mariota. Granted things could change but I'm confident in sticking with what I have been told initially.

On to Mariota and his draft strategy if you will, I certainly hope he's not doing that. That does not look good on a player and I would like to believe he is not doing anything close to that. If there have been talks within his camp about said "strategy", then he is starting his professional career off on the wrong foot.

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