Dominik: Bucs Preparing Fans For Winston

Former Bucs general manager Mark Dominik says the buzz at the combine says that Winston is going to the Bucs with the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Former Bucs general manager Mark Dominik has been very vocal in his support of Marcus Mariota. He has said numerous times that he believes Mariota and Winston have equal talent, but Mariota's character is the clincher. Mariota is just the quarterback you're more comfortable with. NFL Combine Coverage
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Fastforward to the combine, and Dominik believes the Bucs might be swaying away from his advice.

"They're already setting the table to be able to make the selection, and the sooner they can go out there and say they are comfortable with him, the more time they have to push that message as it gets closer to the draft," Mark Dominik said on ESPN Radio Thursday morning of the Bucs setting the table to draft Winston. "Once it gets closer to the draft, if you've affected 50,000 or 100,000 fans or the Tampa Bay community to say, 'they've been talking about this guy and how he's going to be good for six weeks, he must be good.'"

Lovie Smith and Jason Licht both made reference to how they are "comfortable" with the information they have on Jameis Winston. If they are in fact "comfortable" with Jameis Winston's character, it is assumed that he will end up being thew top pick in the NFL Draft.

The buzz within Lucas Oil Stadium at the combine is that the Bucs are starting to send a message to their fans, as Mark Dominik suggested, that they will be selecting Jameis Winston.

"They're going out there to back Jameis Winston, hold onto him, and then be in position to draft him, but certainly the tea leaves here say that Winston's going number one to the Bucs," Dominik concluded.

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