Mariota Has to Re-Learn Calling Plays

Marcus Mariota says the last time he called a play was in high school.

The biggest concerns with Oregon QB Marcus Mariota as he prepares for the NFL is his transition on the field to a pro-style offense. Mariota rarely took snaps under center, went through NFL progressions, nor was he asked to even call plays on the field.

"Marcus Mariota has said he needs to relearn calling plays because the last play call he had was in high school," Rich Eisen said during coverage of the combine on the NFL Network.

Calling plays seems like such a natural and normal part of the game, but what this illustrates is that Mariota is almost in need of starting over as a quarterback. He needs to learn how to take a snap from center, go through the proper footwork from center, and learn how to just call plays in a huddle.

These are just some of the reasons people believe it might take Mariota some time to develop into a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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