Mariucci: Winston Smartest QB Ever Met With

Steve Mariucci says that Jameis Winston is the "most astute X's and O's guy he's ever put on the board."

As we have talked about a lot on this site, Jameis Winston was facing as much scrutiny at this year's combine as any prospect. Winston's biggest test was going to be more in meeting rooms with teams than on the field. Jameis Winston seems to be passing those tests.

While discussing Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston during their coverage of the combine, Rich Eisen and Mike Mayock got into a discussion about Jameis Winston in meeting rooms.

"Steve Mariucci put Jameis Winston on the board as part of our coverage yesterday and Mariucci says that in the many years that he has been doing that for our coverage at the combine, that's the most astute Xs & Os guy he's ever put on the board turned out to be Jameis Winston," Rich Eisen said during coverage of the combine. "He was not only answering the questions that Steve was throwing, but anticipating what the question would lead to next and answering the question before Steve even asked it."

Mike Mayock then responded by saying he had heard the same things about Jameis Winston.

Winston seems to be checking off every box possible when evaluating him as the top pick in the draft. If the Bucs feel as if his immature mistakes are behind him, I believe he ends up being the quarterback for the Bucs in 2015 and beyond.

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