Winston's Accuser Tells A Different Story

The woman accusing Jameis Winston of rape tells a different story in "The Hunting Ground."

The Buccaneers are expected to select Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston first overall when the NFL Draft begins on April 30. There are many who feel that this would be a huge mistake for the franchise as they would bring in a kid with overly publicized off-the-field concerns. One of them being the rape allegations.

His accuser, Erica Kinsman, will be telling her story in a documentary called "The Hunting Ground" which is expected to be released in New York and Los Angeles on February 27. However, the film has already begun hitting colleges across the country and reviews have started to come in. One of them, on, says that Kinsman's story is different from ones she has told in the past.

"The one cautionary tale is the testimony of the Winston accuser, as he was not charged, yet she is allowed to tell her story without being questioned or allowing Winston to speak. Her movie testimony was different from earlier versions of her story. In my opinion, her inclusion cheapens the movie and takes a way from the other powerful statements of violence against women on college campuses. It is almost as if the producers wanted to sensationalize the movie by using a well known incident to drive up interest. The subject matter alone speaks for itself. A must see for all incoming freshman women and their parents."

It's hard to determine what exactly is different without knowing what is said, but both the Washington Post and have reviewed the film and published stories detailing her story.

Both publications mention she goes into physical detail as to what happened the evening of the alleged crime. Per the reviews, one of the things Kinsman says in the documentary that she did not make any mention of a place where she may have lived and instead told Winston to drop her off at an intersection after he gave her a ride on his scooter. But according to the initial police report, she told him she lived in Salley Hall which is a housing facility on FSU's campus -- contradicting her words in the film among other details as she has often done.

Kinsman is joined by her father in the film according to several articles. The reviews online say Kinsman's father gives his opinion on the situation throughout their portion of the film describing his daughter as a "normal kid."

Some feel that this could be another deterrent for a team like Tampa Bay to stay away from Winston. But the team came out earlier this week at the NFL Scouting Combine and assured everyone that they have no reason to be concerned with Winston nor his character. After some research, they have no issues making him the face of the franchise -- if they select him.

The film is scheduled to be released to theaters after pre-screenings on March 20, per CNN.

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