Jimbo Fisher: Bucs Contacted Me About Jameis

The Bucs have made contact with many members of the Florida State football staff in regards to Jameis Winston.

It was only a matter of time, but it appears as if the Bucs have gotten a jump on things by contacting Florida State coach Jimbo Fisher in regards to Jameis Winston. The Bucs have investigative work to do on Jameis Winston, and that includes talking to people who have been closest to him over the last few years in Tallahassee.

Appearing on the NFL Network this morning, Jimbo Fisher said that the Bucs "have contacted different people on our staff."

Jimbo Fisher also said there should be no concern with making Jameis Winston the face of a franchise.

"Jameis' problem, if you really research and really get down to the nuts and bolts of what actually went wrong -- with him standing on the table and the crab leg incident -- when you walk out of a place with a deputy sheriff beside you, it was not intent," Fisher said. "It was a mental lapse. What Jameis does, which is very unique and a lot of people follow him -- he was just being a normal student. He was trying to do what the other kids around him were [doing], and it was very immature.

"It was an immature thing to do, not an intentional thing to do with malice. He sees himself with everybody. He doesn't put himself above everybody; that's why, I think, people flock to him, and his leadership is such a big deal. Because he is a genuine, honest people person, and he gets caught up. I think he understood that. It was a moment of him being 19 years old and making a critical mistake. But I think those mistakes are very easily corrected. Character issues are different, and I don't think he has those."

Recently, Bucs GM Jason Licht said about Winston to Peter King of SI.com, "Bad guy or immaturity? I’m leaning toward the latter.”

Jimbo Fisher also went into detail of the amount of interceptions Jameis Winston had in 2014. Fisher explained that the people who make that claim about Winston did not watch Florida State games last year.

"How are you supposed to make big plays if you don't take chances?"

Fisher also explain that many of Winston's interceptions came from young players around him not fully understanding their duties on offense in the first half of the season.

"He [Winston] was playing chess, they [teammates] were playing checkers," Jimbo Fisher explained of the inexperience Winston had around him.

Recently, the concern with Winston playing baseball has become the new ammunition for people with a vendetta against Jameis Winston. Jimbo Fisher explains how baseball has made Jameis Winston an even better quarterback.

"Baseball is a game of failure," Fisher said. "You fail more than you succeed. That's helped him as a quarterback understand that when he makes mistakes, he can still bounce back and make big plays."

If you'd like to watch the entire interview, CLICK HERE.

I know there will be a certain faction of people that will say that Jimbo Fisher has to speak positively about his former player, and that may be true. However, if the Bucs are going to be contacting people who have been around Jameis Winston the past few years to get a judge on his character, those people will likely all be Florida State people. If all of these people the Bucs contact speak as highly about Jameis Winston as Jimbo Fisher and Derrick Brooks have, Jameis Winston will be the pick for the Buccaneers.

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