A Well-Respected Breakdown of Jameis Winston

Quarterbacks coach Will Hewlett breaks down Jameis Winston's night against Louisville.

We've seen a lot of the Twitter scouts breakdown Jameis Winston's game in recent months. We've also seen former scouts and executives break him down as well. On Monday morning I received word from a league scout telling me that if there was ever a more realistic look at breaking down Winston I needed to go look at Will Hewlett.

So I went to Twitter and came across the videos if Jameis Winston's game against Louisville -- which by the way is the game Bucs general manager Jason Licht fell in love with Winston, as I was told. He touches on many things like the interceptions he threw in the game, Winston's understanding of pressure, and how easy Winston makes the position look at times.

I'll be honest, I haven't heard much of this guy before. I reached out to another contact within the league and stated he is no stranger to Hewlett and his work. Although his work is not publicized on a media scale like George Whitfield, Jr., Hewlett is no stranger to several scouts across the league apparently. He has even connected with the trainer for Aaron Rodgers and has consulted coaches throughout the NFL and NCAA.

We may, in the coming years, hear about a quarterback named Morgan Mahalak out of Oregon. Mahalak is expected to back up likely-to-be-named starter Jeff Lockie now that Marcus Mariota is NFL-bound, but Lockie is a junior and Mahalak was redshirted this past season. Hewlett worked exclusively with Mahalak and was heavily scouted by Oregon's offensive coordinator Scott Frost. Oregon's project was also a part of the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp -- a camp where Florida State's Jameis Winston first gave a glimpse of the future.

Anyhow, the two-part breakdown is posted below. Check it out for yourselves.

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