Peterson Would Like to Play for the Bucs

A report suggests that Adrian Peterson has the Bucs on a short list of teams he'd play for.

No need to readjust your eyes, you read the title correctly. Minnesota Vikings' running back Adrian Peterson would like to play for your Tampa Bay Buccaneers, according to a report of course.

Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson says that the Buccaneers are among five teams that Peterson would like to play for.

While the Dallas Cowboys have been reported to be a Peterson favorite destination, the running back prefers five teams: the Arizona Cardinals, the Indianapolis Colts, the Cowboys, the San Diego Chargers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Robinson also notes in his story that the Vikings could ultimately refuse to trade their star running back as Vikings executives have already voiced their opinions on keeping him around.

If you recall, last week ESPN's Stephen A. Smith mentioned where he saw Peterson potentially playing based off what he has been told and the Buccaneers were also mentioned. Where there is smoke, there is normally fire.

We mentioned the ties Peterson has to the Bucs because of defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier. What better protection for a rookie quarterback than bring in a running back that defenses have no reason but to gameplan for?

It's still early, but boy has there been a lot of chatter surrounding Peterson and the Bucs.

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