Lovie Looks At The Facts When Judging Winston

Head coach Lovie Smith says he judges Jameis Winston based on the facts that are out there.

Jameis Winston has been "the" story for quite some time now. Whether for all the right reasons or all the wrong reasons, his name has been featured in many headlines across the country. Unfortunately, a lot of those headlines are a product of laziness by the writer who refuses to research the "issues."

But Buccaneers head coach Lovie Smith has done his research.

In an exclusive one-on-one with Sports Talk Florida's Jenna Laine, Smith said he looks at the facts and ignores the media reports when judging Winston's character.

"Oh it’s fairly easy for me because I deal only with facts," Smith told Laine when asked how he tunes out the negative stories on Winston. "And nowadays you have to do your own research and get pertinent information you feel like is true and from the right people, and you can pretty much get nowadays anything you need on anyone to really research any question you might have. So instead of reports, we try to go to the facts as much as possible. At an organization like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, we can get most facts we need on anyone."

This is something that many are struggling with for some reason. The rape accusation has been covered and talked about ad nauseam by hundreds of outlets with fact-less reporting. Only one side -- the accuser's side -- is often told. However, those outlets fail to note the inconsistencies in her stories and the facts from all the transcripts throughout the case.

Also, many harp on his acts outside of the allegation -- like the Publix incident and screaming out the obscenity. Detractors will say those are signs of a pattern but in reality are more like signs of a college kid displaying immaturity, which is something Smith said during the combine. (And yes, there are details regarding the Publix incident as well.)

Recently, some have said those who have spent time researching and gathering facts on Winston's off-field concerns -- like myself -- are making excuses for him. But that is just another attempt at assassinating his character.

We can only hope those who continue to think along those lines take their blinders off and reconsider their agendas for a moment to allow themselves to do some real research. There is information out there to obtain, if they choose to obtain it.

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