Greg Cosell Sours on Jameis Winston

When Greg Cosell speaks, people should tend to listen. Cosell is concerned about Jameis Winston's decision-making, but does that compare to his evaluation of Mike Glennon?

We are entering the time of year where opinions will be coming from every direction on the top prospects in the draft. While Ron Jaworski was spewing something earlier this week, I didn't waste my time writing a story on it, since it became apparent last year that he jumps on ESPN to just say crazy stuff when things get slow. When NFL Films' senior producer Greg Cosell speaks, I tend to listen.

Cosell was a recent guest on the "Ross Tucker Podcast," and revealed that he wasn't as big a fan of Jameis Winston as he had been earlier in the process.

"The more I watched him, the less I liked him," said Cosell. "Winston was not a very good decision maker within the context of his offense. And the other thing is, his accuracy is very erratic."

Cosell was also turned off by the motion of Winston's arm when throwing.

"My guess is that's the way he throws," Cosell opined. "I'm not sure you can change that."

I think it would be fair to point out that one of Cosell's favorite quarterbacks in a draft over the past couple of years has been current Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon. While Winston's decision making and 18 interceptions might be a concern, Glennon posted 17 interceptions in his final season at NC State as well. Glennon would go on to correct those interceptions with a 29-15 TD-INT radio in 19 NFL starts, and I believe Winston will be even better.

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