Bucs May Not Be "Right Place" For Mariota

Oregon quarterback and potential No. 1 draft pick Marcus Mariota says he wants to be in the right place.

Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota participated in his pro day on Thursday and performed in a scripted workout in front of many NFL scouts and executives. He has begun his tour around the league since and is scheduled to meet with the Buccaneers on Monday.

But on Friday, Mariota was in New York and USA Today caught up with him and they asked the soon-to-be NFL rookie quarterback if he will try to convince Tampa Bay if they should draft him first overall.

"You have to," Mariota told USA Today. "It's a job interview. It's an opportunity to market myself, and I'm going to do my best to go out there and try to present myself to them."

That is something several players will have the opportunity of doing, an opportunity Florida State's Jameis Winston already tried to take advantage of. But Mariota followed that up with something that is more important to him. He doesn't necessarily want to be drafted No.1, he wants to be drafted by the right team.

"To me, it comes down to if you find the right place," Mariota said. "If you are in the right place, that's where you are supposed to be."

A perfect fit for Mariota would be a team that has an offensive philosophy revolving around the spread as many scouts say. Two of those teams are the New York Jets and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Jets hired offensive coordinator Chan Gailey who is known for his spread concepts and is expected to install that same system with the Jets. And since he was in New York for a visit, he liked what he saw from the Jets.

"I'd love to play for the Jets," Mariota said. "Meeting with the offensive coordinator and the quarterbacks coach was awesome. It was an opportunity for me to introduce myself, and it seems like a great organization."

Not much is known from the Buccaneers and how well of a fit Mariota would be for them. But it's clear Mariota came away with some high hopes from the Jets. We'll see what the Heisman Trophy winner says after he concludes his visit with the Bucs.

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