Lovie Smith Still Loves Him Some Glennon

Lovie Smith says there are more players in this draft than just the two quarterbacks, and also talks up Mike Glennon.

As personnel from around the NFL show up in Arizona for the owner's meetings this week, many will be bombarded by the media. As has been the case early on in this off-season, the Bucs continue to be a main focus because of them having the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

The safe assumption has been that the Bucs will make Jameis Winston the 1st overall pick at the end of April. The safer assumption is that they'll go with at least a quarterback in Winston or Marcus Mariota. Leave it to Lovie to try and make us believe all options are on the table.

"I just know I can see why people would assume that we are going to take a quarterback," Smith told NFL Network's Steve Wyche in an interview that will air on the NFL Network on Monday. "They're two excellent quarterbacks that are available at the top. And when you get a chance to draft someone like that most of the time people do. But there are other good players in the draft also. I think it's a deep draft."

I think the hope of many Bucs fans is that Lovie Smith is talking about players for other rounds of the NFL Draft. Perhaps, Lovie has been told that he'll have a say in rounds 2-7, but the 1st pick has already been accounted for.

Well, at least that's my hope.

"We have a good quarterback we feel like, Mike Glennon, on our roster right now," Lovie said. "We realize that they're two excellent quarterbacks out there. We're kind of going through the process right now. We're trying to improve our ball club."

Let me take another shot at this.

So, Lovie has a "good" quarterback in Mike Glennon, even though Josh McCown gave the 2-14 Bucs the best chance to win in 2015, but was then released immediately following the season?

Yep, it all makes perfect sense.

I'm not listening to what Lovie Smith has to say anymore. Every time he speaks, it's a waste of time.

Instead, I'm going to lean towards common sense.

The Bucs, as an organization, need a franchise quarterback. The Bucs are already marketing towards a franchise quarterback. The Bucs have made a spectacle of both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota's visits to One Buc Place. Bucs fans are currently split between the two quarterbacks, but likely leaning more towards Winston now. I have yet to meet one sane Bucs fan that feels passing on a potential franchise changing quarterback is a good idea.

All signs point to a quarterback, and likely Jameis Winston. Lovie's comments will not now or ever sway mine nor many other Bucs' fans opinion on their need for a quarterback.

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