Goodell Okay With Winston Skipping Draft

Jameis Winston is potentially going to be drafted No. 1 overall and he may skip out on the NFL Draft.

When it was first reported that Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston may skip the NFL Draft in Chicago to be with his family on April 30, I didn't see it as a big deal. But NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell addressed it and that is a big deal.

See, a lot of people assumed it was Goodell who wanted to keep Winston away. Instead, Goodell revealed, via Peter King, that it was Winston who reached out to the league office to discuss his draft plans among other things.

"He was clear that he wanted to spend time with his family," Goodell told King. "We’ve had that occur on several occasions over the years.

"I'm not part of those invites. But I'me not concerned about it. It's something we respect when a player says 'I'd like to be with my family'. It's an important day for them also."

From all information we've gathered, it appears that the Buccaneers will be selecting Winston first overall. If he is not in attendance in Chicago for the draft, it'll be just a handful of times that the No. 1 pick has not attended the draft.

However, someone will still find a way to twist this into a negative.

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