Major Upgrades Coming to RJS...Eventually

Joel Glazer says the next changes will be major changes to Raymond James Stadium.

The only thing that comes close to how bad the Buccaneers have played over the last few years has been how outdated Raymond James Stadium has become. Once the darling of the new NFL stadiums, Raymond James Stadium is now considered just another place that houses a football team.

This fall, Raymond James Stadium turns 17 years old, and is still trying to get with the times. It's 2015, and the Buccaneers home has yet to install high definition video boards within the walls of its stadium. I mean, I would choose to read a book at home rather than be forced to watch something that isn't in high definition.

Speaking at the owners' meetings in Arizona, Joel Glazer said to the Tampa Bay Times that the next upgrades to Raymond James Stadium will be major upgrades.

"There will be nothing major this year," Glazer said to the Times. "I think the next step will be a more major approach with the entire stadium to bring it up to a first-class status that can compete for any big events in the NFL, Super Bowls and such. I think when the other owners look at presentations and where to hold the marquee events, they want stadiums up to date."

Part of me wants to get excited about these "major" upgrades, but another part of me says to wait until it actually comes to fruition. I mean, people got all excited about the "upgraded" concession stands before being utterly disappointed by the outcome in 2014.

If the Buccaneers have aspirations of hosting another Super Bowl, these major upgrades must take place for them to compete with all of the new state-of-the-art stadiums popping up around the league. These upgrades must include new massive high definition video boards, better wifi throughout the building, and an architectural design to somehow shade fans in the upper deck of the stadium.

It is unfortunate that these upgrades won't be made for next season, but at least Joel Glazer let us know the wheels are in motion to bring Raymond James Stadium into 2015 and beyond.

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