Licht: We're Not Passing on a Franchise QB

Jason Licht probably puts a lot of nerves to rest as he states the Bucs will not pass on a franchise quarterback during an appearance on ESPN on Tuesday.

I know there are some folks who need something to talk about. I've worked in local sports talk radio. I get it. Keep throwing out scenarios that even you don't fully believe just to get a reaction and get you one day closer to the inevitable. There is still more than a month until the draft. If we already know who the Bucs are going to select first overall, it takes away that mystery and speculation that builds up to the draft.

I know that Jason Licht, Lovie Smith, and even Joel Glazer have skirted around the subject in recent interviews.

After speaking of him being "comfortable" with both Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota, Bucs co-chairman Joel Glazer used the phrase, "or whoever else it could be."

Lovie Smith spoke about how the Bucs still had a good quarterback in Mike Glennon on the roster, while also speaking of how talented and deep this draft is during an interview on the NFL Network. This led to many believing Lovie was hinting at a trade down possibility.

Jason Licht has come the closest to saying what the Bucs might actually do without saying Jameis Winston's name directly. It's a smart approach by just leaving the door open in case something unforeseen happens like an injury during a workout or another incident.

However, while on ESPN's NFL Insiders on Tuesday, Bucs GM Jason Licht slammed the door on the trade talk after Bill Polian asked him if there will be phone calls leading up to the draft.

"I'm sure there will be," Licht responded. "Just everyone testing it to see what it would take. But we're not going to pass on a franchise quarterback if we feel like one of these quarterbacks is franchise ready - franchise worthy for the Buccaneers. That's one thing that we, the team, the fans, the town has wanted for a long time."

While others can keep grasping at scenarios that won't happen, Jason Licht just told everyone that a quarterback will be the Bucs pick. They will feel at least one, if not both, of these quarterbacks will be franchise worthy.

The Bucs will not be trading down because their full marketing efforts are going into a quarterback, the quarterback, being selected with the 1st overall pick.

The Bucs are in a position to select a quarterback with the 1st overall choice, which is a need position for them, without that selection being considered a "reach" in the draft.

It's going to happen. The Bucs are going to have a franchise quarterback. Most of you will be as excited as you've ever been for Bucs football whether it's Winston or Mariota.

For the trade down crowd, get over yourselves and accept reality. If you can't, just do us a favor and stop spewing your fantasized theories because they just aren't happening.

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