Fisher Says Media Tried to Ruin Winston

Florida State's head football coach Jimbo Fisher says the media was wrong in their attempts to assassinate Winston's character.

For a couple years now, several outlets -- whether print, radio, or television -- have taken their shots at Jameis Winston's character. Some may find it justifiable, but no matter what side of the fence you are on, it's not. And I'm referring to the extreme way many have taken it.

I have come to the defense of Winston countless times, not caring what people had to say about my thoughts. Why? Because I did my research. I've done my homework. I spent hours upon hours reading court documents and did my own investigation to find out about what has really gone on with the potential No. 1 pick. My findings led me to several articles defending his character, especially one that received some interesting responses titled "Character Concerns for Winston Overblown."

His head coach at Florida State, Jimbo Fisher, has also come to his defense on several occasions. But Friday morning on a local Tampa radio station, he took shots at the media outlets that ran with just certain parts of Winston's "incidents" in blatant attempts to ruin his character, saying the media provided lots of misinformation.

"What amazes me about [the media coverage] is the unprofessionalism of all the major newspapers, of all the major outlets that did not report the whole truth of the situation and only slanted it for their own opinion," Fisher said. "And when you go through that, you have to answer those questions. Jameis has great character. Did he make mistakes? Yes. I mean, he's still a 20-year-old kid."

Fisher continued.

"Some of his mistakes have come from trying to be normal. Jameis is a people person. Jameis spends as much time with the walk-on players on our team than he does with the star players. And when he goes to class and he's on the campus spends as much time with the normal -- he likes being a normal student and seen as a normal student, not as 'Jameis Winston.' He likes being one of them and that got him in trouble by making some poor decisions of being one of them and he can't do that. He understands that."

Fisher added that his truths were always validated. He states that through all the adversity Winston was able to still be himself and that showed "impeccable character."

Yet, despite the facts that have come out, many radio hosts, writers, bloggers, and others choose to ignore them. It's a form of laziness and a form of reporting anything to fit a narrative.

It's an unfortunate part of our society.

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