"I Haven't Changed, I've Grown"

Jameis Winston has a great response when asked how he'll convince NFL teams that he has changed.

We all knew Jameis Winston would impress on the field at his pro day, but what type of person will he end up being off the field? These are the concerns teams around the NFL have, but it's a concern Jameis Winston does not have.

"I haven't changed, I've grown," Jameis Winston answered when asked how he is trying to prove to teams he has changed.

This, along with all of his answers during an interview on NFL Network were stellar. He's right. People continue to harp on immature actions of a then 20 year old, rather than come to grips that we could be witnessing the rapid maturing of a soon-to-be NFL quarterback.

The Buccaneers do not seem to be concerned with Jameis Winston's character and will likely select him with the 1st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft.

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