Bucs Haven't Reached Out To Winston's Accuser

A report states the Bucs have not reached out to Winston's accuser, Erica Kinsman.

No one has known for sure if the Buccaneers will be reaching out to Jameis Winston's accuser or if they already have. But on Friday, according to Jason Cole, Tampa Bay has not done so. Same goes for the NFL.

"No one from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, from any other NFL team, or from the NFL has reached out to [Erica Kinsman's legal team] or the alleged victim in this case to find out what she has to say," Cole says in his video report (posted below).

Now, there are a lot of legal and medical documents easily available for anyone so this could be the reason why anyone from the league has not reached out to the accuser. Cole points that out to some degree.

The Bucs have stated on a couple occasions that they have done their research and are comfortable with their findings regarding Winston's background as well as his time at Florida State.

Another nugget Cole throws into his report is claiming his sources have told him to expect a second accuser to come forward with her own lawsuit against Winston. The story about a second accuser once had legs, quickly faded and returned. It appears to be doing that again.

The second accuser's true story -- if there is one -- is one that may never come to light. In fact, it is another showing of inconsistent stories by the accuser. The original mention made about the second accuser by Kinsman's first legal team said it was "sexual misconduct" and never called it rape. However, in the most recent Title IX lawsuit, the current legal team claims the second woman was in fact raped by Winston.

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