Report: Tynes Suing Bucs for $20 Million

Lawrence Tynes sues the Bucs for $20 million after he claims the MRSA he contracted with the Bucs ended his career.

It seems as if the nightmare of MRSA from 2013 just won't go away. Accoring to ESPN, former Buccaneers kicker Lawrence Tynes is now suing the Buccaneers for $20 million, stating unsanitary conditions led to him contracting MRSA in 2013.

Tynes, who has not played in the NFL since, is claiming that his career ended due to MRSA and is why he is asking for the $20 million that he calls future earnings.

According to ESPN, the lawsuit claims "the Bucs failed to disclose and actively concealed ongoing incidents of the infection among other individuals who used and visited the team's facilities."

This might not be the only lawsuit the Bucs face in this manner. Former Bucs guard Carl Nicks has also not played another down in the NFL after contracting MRSA. His future earnings would have likely far exceeded what Tynes would have been.

On the bright side, Bucs cornerback Johnthan Banks also ended up getting MRSA, but remained with the Bucs and played well in 2014.

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