A Prominent Name Is All But Official

Things may have gotten clearer for the Bucs with the first overall pick as he was in Tampa on Thursday.

If you still do not believe it's happening, get used to it. Signs are becoming clearer and after Thursdays developments you may have to be naive to think at this point the Buccaneers are not selecting Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston with the first overall selection.

Things started early for me Thursday morning when I received a tip that Winston was on a Silver Airways flight from Tallahassee to Tampa. With no solid evidence provided (photo or video) I didn't make much of it at first. So I got the flight information to see if it indeed matched the information that was given to me. That's when it became a social media mystery and photos popped up on Instagram and Twitter.

With the common question being asked to me and in general, "Why is he flying to Tampa" it was known that he was not in town to visit the Bucs as that visit already took place in early March. So I reached out to the Buccaneers and I confirmation he was on his way to Tampa but for other reasons not including the team.

That ended all theories tied to the Bucs but pieces of information kept flowing in.

Later on in the evening I received a message from a source close to the Bucs saying he was in town shooting a segment for a local television station. Shortly after that I started receiving messages asking if Winston was at a charity event. As time went by, that was also confirmed and as you can see pictures of Winston and his photo sessions with several folks -- including a photo our very own Justin Pawlowski included in his article Thursday evening.

So here we are, the morning after and the buzz is still alive and well. National pundits will perhaps ignore the signs as they have done so recently. However, my solid intel goes back as far as November tying the Buccaneers to Winston.

I have been known for saying I am 99 percent certain the Bucs will draft Winston. After talking to several on Thursday in relation to the Bucs decision, I can say I am 100 percent sure that marriage will happen.

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