Podcast: Jameis Needs the Spotlight

In this podcast, NFL Network's Charles Davis shares where he thinks the root of Jameis Winston's issues stem from, along with breaking down other NFL Draft prospects.

Jameis Winston's personality has been on display for the better part of 3 months of this draft process. That personality is engaging, enlightening, and infectious. Winston's personality can be his greatest strength and his biggest obstacle.

"Jameis Winston dealing with people, ingratiating himself in a community and organization is a slam dunk," Charles Davis said on The Commish Online Podcast. "The kid's got a magic to him, a charisma about him, he knows how to do that very very well. I think it's innate. I don't think it's something you can just, you know, teach a kid."

Jameis Winston attended Mike Alstott's charity event over the weekend. He spent time with current and former Bucs players during his time at this event. To no one's surprise, Jameis Winston was fantastic in this setting.

"I think where he gets in trouble is when there are no cameras, lights, people around where he has a chance to light up a room," Davis said of Winston. "It he can't light up a room, I think he gets antsy."

Davis went on to say that Jameis Winston needs to be the center of attention, and that necessarily isn't a bad thing. Most of the best quarterbacks in NFL history loved that spotlight and being the center of attention. Davis also explains that if Winston continues to mature, his personality will go from an obstacle to an asset.

Charles Davis discussed Jameis Winston a little bit at the beginning, but then spent an additional 30 minutes on the rest of the draft. Listen to the entire hour-long podcast below!

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