Podcast: Will Bucs Trade for Adrian Peterson?

In the latest episode of "The Commish Online Podcast," Justin Pawlowski explains why the Bucs schedule is so attractive, is joined by Gil Arcia to discuss the odds of the Bucs trading for Adrian Peterson, and reminisces with his former producer "The Drake."

With a week to go until the NFL Draft, this podcast focuses on a couple of the big names being linked to the Buccaneers.

Gil Arcia joins this podcast to discuss the latest with Jameis Winston and if the Bucs are truly contenders to trade for Adrian Peterson.

The Bucs schedule is also an attractive one, and I explain why the Bucs and Bucs fans should be happy.

At the end of the podcast, my former producer, The Drake, joins me to discuss Starbucks' worst idea ever. They're selling a $50 gift card for $200. Yes, you read that correctly.


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