Comparing Jameis to Terrelle Pryor is Dumb

Since the JaMarcus Russell comparisons didn't work, now the comparison being throw around is Jameis Winston and Terrelle Pryor. These comparisons need to stop.

Jameis Winston's transgressions are not the same as Terrelle Pryor's. Let's just put that to bed now, shall we?

Pryor's situation is one that gets mentioned quietly but as often when it comes to players being suspended as they enter the league. But Winston won't be suspended upon entering the NFL. The lawsuit against him will not carry any weight because it was not something that occurred while in the league and Winston has yet to be charged. Therefore not causing any damage to the league's integrity. That’s the difference.

Many think Pryor was suspended for what he did while at Ohio State. The NCAA found Pryor guilty of a violation for selling merchandise the university gave him. But the reason why he was suspended by the NFL was because he challenged the integrity of the NFL by skipping the NFL draft and entering the supplemental draft in an attempt to get into the league quicker.

“Pryor made decisions that undermined the integrity of our draft eligibility rules,” League spokesman Greg Aiello told FOX Sports in 2011. “He skipped the regular draft. He then made himself ineligible for college football.

“Our rules have never been based on the notion a college player could choose to violate NCAA rules, obtain a declaration that he is ineligible to play and then be rewarded by entering the NFL draft. He is not getting a free pass into the NFL.”

Winston has not challenged the integrity of the league. He has gone through all the proper channels and has had an open dialogue with the league. The comparison's to Pryor are out of bounds.

Lisa Friel, a former prosecutor and the NFL's legal consultant, is one believed by detractors that will have a strong stance against Winston as he enters the league. Unfortunately for them, and their lack of researching, Friel was one of several league officials who have already met with Winston last month alongside commissioner Roger Goodell. All talked to him about what they expected of him upon entering the league and per Goodell, Winston understood their expectations of him.

The constant negative comparisons of others to Winston is like nothing I have ever seen. Winston’s football ability is never compared. Instead it’s the off-the-field concerns because it’s is the only argument many feel they have.

Winston is a winner. He has also defeated your arguments. You detractors are grasping at straws. He’s going to be the No. 1 pick. Get over it.

Oh and good luck trying to write your negative stories when he wins in the NFL.

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