Shane Ray in the 2nd Round?

Missouri defensive end Shane Ray's arrest on Monday for possession of marijuana could drop him right into the Bucs lap in the 2nd round, but what should the Bucs do?

We just spent the past three months debating the dumb things Jameis Winston did during his college career. While allegedly stealing crab legs (or having a hookup) and standing on a table to yell and obscene phrase are dumb, Neither come close to what Shane Ray did early Monday morning.

At 6:07 on Monday morning, Missouri edge rusher Shane Ray was booked and arrested for possession of marijuana and failure to drive in the right lane of of a highway with 2 or more lanes.

Let me set the record straight for myself. I don't care if a player on an NFL team smokes a little pot. I mean, it's legal in a few states already. I definitely don't care if he drives in the right lane. I do care about how absolutely dumb he is to get caught just three days before the draft.

Ray's stock was already declining. He has a toe/foot issue that may require surgery. Once a top 10 pick, Ray was staring to be mentioned as a mid to late 1st round pick due to his foot issue.

Now? Ray might find his way all the way to day two. Ray might be available when the Bucs are on the clock with the 34th pick. Then what?

The Bucs need a pass rusher, and Ray is one of the best pass rushers in the draft. He has a toe issue and potentially a pot issue. If he can't wait 4 days to smoke pot, will he stay out of trouble once he gets into the NFL? How will the Bucs balance talent/value vs. character issues.

I think the Bucs will ultimately have to pass on Ray if he's available. We all know the risks that will already come with the 1st pick in the draft. Can the Bucs afford to draft someone who makes dumber mistakes at worse times than Jameis Winston with their 2nd round pick?

I love Shane Ray on the field and think he could become a very good pass rusher in the NFL, but, even in the 2nd round, might be too risky for the Bucs, who are already taking a risk in drafting Winston.

Hey, maybe another team is willing to trade a bunch of picks to move up to the 34th pick and select Ray. Then my previous piece on the Bucs needing to trade down in the 2nd round could ultimately come true!

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