Lovie Smith's Job Security

Did Lovie Smith extend his job security by Jameis Winston?

Excitement was at an all-time high in Tampa last Thursday night when the Buccaneers selected Jameis Winston with the first pick in the draft. The Bucs then spent multiple draft picks in trying to surround their young quarterback with as much protection as possible in both weapons to throw to and linemen to block for him.

Perhaps the best protection the Buccaneers can provide Jameis Winston moving forward is stability within their organization.

It's no surprise that the Bucs have been as unstable a franchise in sports as any over the past 6 years. Raheem Morris got just 3 years, while Greg Schiano was fired after just 2 seasons. Both of these coaches thought they had "their guy" at quarterback, but neither of their quarterbacks were "the guy" for the organization.

The Buccaneers went just 2-14 in Lovie Smith's first season, and now that most of the off-season moves are complete, the Bucs' current roster does not appear to be drastically more talented than it was a year ago. It's unfair to believe that a rookie quarterback alone will magically fix all of the Bucs issues.

However, that same quarterback, if properly developed, can in fact change the fortunes of that same franchise over time.

I won't lie. I am concerned the Glazer family could get a little trigger happy if the Bucs struggle again in 2015. NFL Network's Daniel Jeremiah and Charles Davis believe the Buccaneers could be in the running for the 1st overall pick in 2015 again.

Will Lovie Smith and his staff be given time to reap the rewards of their new franchise quarterback?

Knee-jerk reactions to firing coaches with young quarterbacks could possibly lead to the ruining of a young quarterback. The goal needs to be to keep as much of the current coaching staff in place to properly develop and grow Jameis Winston. This is true with any young quarterback.

After a 2-14 season, and after seeing the impatience with Bucs' ownership in recent years, Lovie Smith would appear to be on the hot seat, right?

For the Bucs' sake, and for Jameis Winston's best chance, I hope Lovie Smith and his staff are in Tampa for a very long time.

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