Inside The Bucs' Draft Board

Jason Licht reveals who was second behind Jameis Winston.

The NFL Draft has come and gone but post-draft reports continue on. Now that rookie mini-camps are starting across the league, we'll see reports on how draft plans for nearly every team in the NFL looked. The Bucs are one of them.

Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht revealed the top of their draft boards to Scott Reynolds of Pewter Report. While the national media were certain USC's Leonard Williams was a top choice for Tampa Bay on their boards -- specifically Peter King -- Licht revealed Williams was not. Instead, it was Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota.

Licht told Reynolds he wasn't sure how that list got out and added he doesn't remember giving him a list at all.

“There is a very good chance [the team would've drafted Mariota if something happened with Jameis Winston],” Licht said. “That board [in MMQB] – that wasn’t necessarily the order in that we were going to draft. That was not necessarily a current ranking. We did like Marcus. We did think Marcus would have a chance. We were comfortable with Marcus.”

The board being referenced had Williams second and Mariota fourth. I have been on Twitter dispelling the rumored "high interest" by the Bucs in Williams for weeks leading into the draft. The Bucs felt they needed a quarterback period and were going to draft one with the No. 1 overall selection regardless.

The words coming directly from Licht's mouth further proves how the national media is not always the best trustworthy source. Just like ESPN's Ron Jaworski's "wired in" sources.

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