Left Tackle Attitude

Donovan Smith says he has the necessary attitude to be a successful left tackle in the NFL.

I'll admit, I was of the same mindset of most NFL Draft analysts that Donovan Smith was destined to play right tackle. At 340 lbs, it's a fair question to ask if he'll be agile enough for the speed rushers in the NFL.

While Smith does possess some surprising athleticism and agility for a man his size, Smith believes there's something extra that he has that is even more necessary to being a reliable left tackle.

“It is," Smith said when asked if a unique attitude is necessary to play left tackle. "You have to have an attitude to play on the offensive line in general, but I think there is a little extra on us because you are protecting the blindside of the quarterback, so you have to have a little more attitude and confidence in that. So yeah, definitely.”

Smith is right. Playing left tackle not only takes a unique attitude, but it is definitely an added responsibility. The fate of the entire team, and organization, could rely on whether you properly protect the star quarterback or lead to that same quarterback getting injured.

If the former occurs, the season is over and jobs end up being on the line.

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