Mike Alstott and Doug Williams into Bucs ROH

For the first time, the Bucs will induct two members into their Ring of Honor.

The Buccaneers announced on Wednesday that for the first time, there will be two inductions into the team's Ring of Honor in one season.

“The Ring of Honor is a very exclusive group," Bucs' co-chairman Brian Glazer started off the press conference. "It consists of individuals who have had a lasting impact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at some point in our history. The last few years I’ve stood up here and introduced one new member to the Ring (each year). But this year, we’re going to do things a little differently. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers plan on bringing in two new members into our Ring of Honor this year, on separate occasions. So please help me welcome your class of 2015: Mr. Doug Williams and Mr. Mike Alstott."

Mike Alstott will be the first of the two players to be inducted. Alstott's day comes on October 4th against the division rival Carolina Panthers. Doug Williams will also be inducted in a game against a division rival when he is inducted into the Bucs' Ring of Honor on December 6th against the Atlanta Falcons.

For Doug Williams, it will be appropriate to be inducted against the Falcons and the team Williams' former coach John McKay's son, Rich McKay, is part of.

“I just want to say thanks to all the guys that I had an opportunity to play with because if it wasn’t for you, I would not have had the success I had on the football field," Williams said. "And I want to say thanks to the Glazers for allowing me this opportunity."

Mike Alstott gave the Buccaneers an identity on offense during an era of Buccaneer football mainly focused on defense. Alstott is known for his highlight runs, but I'll always remember his rookie year and the swing pass out of the backfield putting him on the map.

Both of these men are significant names in Bucs history and it will be great to see their names finally up within Raymond James Stadium.

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