Top 10 Reasons To Jump on the Bucs' Bandwagon

In honor of David Letterman, we present to you the top 10 reasons to jump on the Bucs' bandwagon right now.

David Letterman's last show as host of the Late Show has come and gone. While many of us were able to witness the end of his 33 year career as a late night host, I knew I wanted to pay tribute to him on this site.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure I ever laughed at any of the Top Ten lists that he did...other than the final one.

To honor David Letterman, we present the Top Ten Reasons You Should Jump on the Bucs' Bandwagon Now:

10. More Cannon Fire Moving Forward

No, the Bucs aren't instituting new rules to "Fire The Cannons" more during games, the cannons will be on fire because it looks as if the Bucs' will have a much more potent offensive attack. It's pretty simple. The more points the Bucs score, the more they'll be able to "Fire the Cannons," which in turn means the fans will be much more entertained.

9. No More Blackouts

The NFL did away with blackouts in 2015, and my best guess is that blackouts will be a thing of the past. Not being able to see your favorite team on TV reduces the passion that person can have for that team. The Bucs/Glazers have avoided blackouts over the past few years by buying up the remaining tickets, and I believe those blackouts we once talked about are forever a thing of the past.

8. Competent Quarterback Play

No one knows if Jameis Winston will definitely be the star quarterback we're all hoping he'll be, but he brings the most hope to the Bucs since Doug Williams was their quarterback. That hope alone is worth jumping on the bandwagon now.

7. The Uniforms Will Soon Be Considered "Cool"

The Bucs' new uniforms have taken a beating since being introduced over a year ago. I know I'm in the minority, but I like them. I also know that they will quickly become a popular item once winning occurs, and that winning is on the way.

6. Watch the Next Round of Ring of Honor Members Play Now

Honestly, other than Derrick Brooks and Ronde Barber, I'm just not sure we've watched many players that will one day have their name inside the Bucs stadium. Moving forward, there could be plenty of candidates. Lavonte David, Gerald McCoy, Mike Evans, and Jameis Winston could be the new nucleus of players that one day enter into the Ring of Honor. I love watching history take place, and that history could start in 2015.

5. More Rewarding Watching a Team Grow Than Joining Late

What made the Bucs playoff appearance and playoff win over the Lions in 1997 so special was the losing we the fans had to endure for more than 15 years. Those Bucs teams of the late 80's and early 90's were known for one thing - double digit losing seasons. Recently, the Bucs have gone through a horrible stretch of seasons, but all those losses will make the upcoming playoff wins much more enjoyable and rewarding.

4. A Dominant Defense is Coming Back

There are a few recognizable names like Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David, but I expect many more players to become household names after they have breakout seasons in 2015. As Bucs' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier pointed out recently, over the last 10 games last season, the Bucs were in the top 5 in many of the major statistical categories. They're still a couple players away, but they're clearly on the right path on defense.

3. Upgrades Are on the Way to Raymond James Stadium

As I wrote about Thursday morning, major upgrades are coming very soon to Raymond James Stadium. I'm not sure if those upgrades will be enough to entice a Super Bowl back to Tampa, but I know they'll be welcomed with open arms by the fans that sit in that dated stadium on a weekly basis. We might ultimately get word about some or all of the expected upgrades some time this summer. The video boards will be tops on the list, and should be the best of the best if this area wants to compete with the billion dollar stadiums popping up throughout the NFL.

2. Jameis Winston to Mike Evans for 10 years

We all remember the classic QB-WR pairings of Vinny Testaverde to Mark Carrier, Trent Dilfer to Horrace Copeland, and Jeff Garcia to Antonio Bryant. The Bucs have lacked an elite duo on offense for their 40 years of existence. The potential of Jameis Winston to Mike Evans for the next 10 years is as attractive a Bucs ticket has ever been. Fans want to be entertained, and that combo could be very entertaining for a long time. Hell, look at what Evans did in his rookie season with Josh McCown throwing him the football.

1. No more "It's a Bucs Life"

Once upon a time, was fully loaded with the "It's a Bucs Life" slogan. Hell, they even had their own anthem for it. If you go to now, you will find no reference to "It's a Bucs Life." I searched for 45 minutes and found nothing. Consider this addition by subtraction. The slogan "It's a Bucs Life" was the worst marketing idea any team around here has had in a long time. I never understood how they could take the song "It's a Pirates Life for Me" and simply replace "Pirates" with "Bucs." It was lazy and didn't do anything. The phrase "It's a Bucs Life" is associated with losing on and off the field this team has had over the last several years. It's time to "Fire the Cannons" and get this organization back on their winning ways.

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