Glennon Has Become The Best Option

Bucs quarterback Mike Glennon is the best option for the Bucs behind Jameis Winston.

I'll be first to admit that I was one of those that suggested the Bucs trade quarterback Mike Glennon this offseason. Not because I have anything against him, but merely because I felt he should get his shot elsewhere with Jameis Winston being the obvious draft pick.

There was and still is no way the Buccaneers bench the first overall draft pick to "learn the ropes" behind another quarterback -- whether it was Glennon or someone else. But a potential trade window has come and gone and Glennon is still on the roster. At this point, if you are expecting a trade at some point still in the near future, give it up.

On Thursday, Glennon spoke with the media and is happy being in Tampa.

"I love it here in Tampa," Glennon said. "This has been my home for the past two years and I'm happy to be here. I'm happy to have [Offensive Coordinator] Dirk [Koetter] around; I feel like I'm going to learn a lot from him and continue to grow as a player. I've always wanted to be here in Tampa."

Glennon is entering his third year and it's a season that gives him a different offense to learn in as many years. That alone makes Glennon an asset.

The 25-year-old quarterback has 18 starts on his resume. He has never presented a problem to the organization. In fact, he has treated each situation he has faced like a seasoned veteran -- situations like the Josh Freeman debacle and last year's "starter then not the starter" alongside Josh McCown.

He is faced with yet another challenge this year and that is trying to beat out Winston. As stated previously, that likely will not happen. But in true Glennon form, he is handling the matter with legit professionalism.

"Some people are better at different areas than the others, so you can watch each other's games and learn from that. Every rep I'm out there, [Jameis Winston] can take from me; every rep he's out there, I can learn from him. It's about getting those mental reps. Every play, just kind of do that, and I think we can help each other."

Experiences like these seem to be the norm for Glennon's career. And it's because of these experiences that Glennon has grown to be the strongest and best option for Tampa Bay to backup their young rookie quarterback.

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