Lovie: We Have to Tell Jameis When to Leave

Jameis Winston's work ethic has been on display early for the Bucs.

Remember when people compared Jameis Winston to JaMarcus Russell? There was one distinct reason I called those people both "lazy" and "racists."

Jamarcus Russell had all of the physical attributes one could want in a quarterback. He was big, strong, and had a cannon for an arm. He was supposed to be "can't miss" from a physical standpoint. Unfortunately for Russell and the Raiders, Russell did not love football and was not willing to put in the work necessary to even be an average quarterback in the NFL.

The same can NOT be said for Jameis Winston.

"He’s a football junkie. We knew that beforehand," Lovie Smith said of his star quarterback. "We have to kind of tell him when to leave, which we expected to have to do. He takes coaching well."

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a video was posted of Winston either right before or right after going to a concert watching film of the Atlanta Falcons.

It's clear that Winston is willing to put forth the time and effort to be successful in the NFL. Having that type of work ethic should get most Bucs fans even more excited about their new quarterback's potential.

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