2nd Team Reps for Winston

Jameis Winston getting 2nd team reps became the big news on Thursday, but you should still expect him to be the Bucs' starter for 2015.

Sound the alarm! Jameis Winston took 2nd team reps at an OTA practice.

You know this is the big story of the day when every single person was asked about this very occurrence after practice.

“Jameis and everybody else is going to earn their position, Lovie Smith said when asked about Jameis getting 1st and 2nd team reps. "But Jameis is getting his first team reps. You guys are here on Thursday. There’s Wednesday and he was with the first group then. Don’t look too much into that. We just want the guys that we think can play to get reps and we want them to work with a lot of different combinations, not just the quarterback position, but throughout. Jameis is right on schedule. Like we said, I’m not disappointed or anything like that in him or our football team right now. So, on schedule.”

I know it's June and we all want football, but the Bucs, like every other team in the NFL, is just getting ready for the upcoming season. It's incredibly smart to have your 1st AND 2nd team quarterbacks getting reps with every player they might line up with in the fall. Again, it's JUNE, and there is no harm in that.

“I guess most people can say that," Mike Evans said of Glennon being in contention to be the starting quarterback. "They are both making great throws, one after another. So it looks like they are competing. They are just making good throws. They split the first team reps from time to time, so I guess most people would think it’s a competition.”

Think it's a competition? That's not too convincing.

The fact is that Jameis Winston might be a rookie, but he was also the first pick in the draft. He's taking reps with as many different receivers, running backs, tight ends, and linemen to get him comfortable with his teammates. He can also take a step back and watch Glennon run the first team offense and learn by watching him as well.

Hey, less than 2 months until training camp!

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