Demar Dotson's Contract Dispute

Two years ago Demar Dotson signed a 4-year $7.5 million deal with the Bucs. With two years remaining on that team-friendly deal, Dotson wants a do-over.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Demar Dotson's absence this week at Bucs' OTA practices is because the Bucs' starting right tackle is upset with the contract he signed two years ago.

Dotson signed his 4-year deal worth $7.5 million back in 2013. Playing time escalators in 2014 brought his 2015 base salary up to $2.5 million from the original $2.5 million. Dotson can do the same for his base salary in 2016, which is currently set at $1.75 million.

Bucs' GM Jason Licht faces a difficult decision with Dotson. Dotson has two years left on a contract that he himself just signed two years ago. If you allow Dotson to redo his horrible contract, why wouldn't other players on the roster want to do the same thing?

Licht could choose to stand his ground with Dotson. The Bucs did give Dotson an opportunity to show what he could do playing left tackle at the end of last season, and the Bucs were obviously not impressed as they moved Dotson back to right tackle for the upcoming season. With that said, Dotson is currently the Bucs' most reliable offensive linemen. Of course, that's not saying much either.

I completely understand that Dotson is upset with his horribly team-friendly contract that he has, but the fact is that he signed it just two years ago. We all knew Dotson was signing a horrible deal for himself, but he did still sign it. Now, as he stares 30 years old right in the face, Dotson might be realizing that his days of making big money might be fading away.

I thought Dotson was ultimately going to end up as a candidate to be replaced next off-season, depending on how Donovan Smith and Kevin Pamphile progress. It also wouldn't shock me if the Bucs looked to draft yet another offensive tackle in next year's draft, especially with that position looking pretty strong in next year's draft.

Dotson might be the Bucs most reliable offensive lineman, but that does not mean he's a great player. Dotson will turn 30 this fall and have developed into an average offensive tackle with decent athleticism, but lacking the power to dominate. Right tackles can be found much easier than left tackles, and the Bucs' actions have proven that they do not view Dotson more than a right tackle.

It all depends on what Dotson is seeking in terms of money, but if he is looking for a big pay day, I hope Jason Licht holds his ground. Dotson is an average offensive tackle who deserves to probably make slightly more than what he's making now. If he's upset with that, he should holdout and then see if another team is dumb enough to break the bank on him.

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