Bucs Should Not Give In To Dotson's Demands

Demar Dotson did not play well enough to demand a higher salary.

As the situation between the Buccaneers and disgruntled lineman Demar Dotson continues to grow, Tampa Bay should not give in to his demands or threats of holding out. And according to Pewter Report’s Mark Cook, Dotson is prepared to do just that.

But the Bucs should challenge him. Dare him to hold out. We don’t know what he is looking for, however, we do know the team pulled an offer off the table -- rightfully so.

Some may say Dotson has leverage. Not sure how as the leverage he was giving up was on the field. Going back and looking at just a few sacks the line gave up last year, you can see how Dotson was involved in them but from the negative side. That is why the Bucs should not give in to his salary demands.

Here are screenshots of just a few moments throughout 2014 where Dotson’s play led to sacks.

Vs. Green Bay

Linebacker Nick Perry beat Dotson on a bull rush, driving Dotson into Josh McCown.

Vs. Detroit

Former Lions and current Buccaneers defensive end and George Johnson beat Dotson twice around the edge in the next two images.

Vs. Chicago

Bears' outside linebacker David Bass made Dotson try to get McCown's attention after getting beat. This was talked about for some time. The coaches tape and broadcast video shows him putting his arms up over his head in disbelief then throwing them down in disgust.

Vs. New Orleans

Saints' defensive end Cameron Jordan simply tosses Dotson to the side and on to the ground.

Vs. Baltimore

Ravens' outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil uses his speed to get around Dotson for the sack.

Again, these are screenshots pertaining to sacks alone. This is a sample size of struggles the 29-year-old lineman faced last year.

Dotson has been serviceable -- at best -- and was arguably a bright spot on the offensive line last season. But a bright spot on an offensive line that played below the level of poor as a unit.

A “serviceable” player has no leverage to hold out for a larger contract. Dotson falls into that category.

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