Glennon's the Better QB Right Now

Mike Glennon continues to be an impressive quarterback when no pass rush is near him.

OTA practices are in the books, and the off-season comes to its conclusion with the final mini camp this week. The players have had their chance to try and impress the coaching staff before training camp rolls around in late July. Who will have the edge in position battles as that training camp officially opens?

The Tampa Tribune's Roy Cummings jumped on Sports Talk Florida 1040-AM and explained that Jameis Winston has not been the best quarterback during the Bucs' off-season practices.

“Well this week we saw Jameis taking most of the first team reps," Cummings said. "There was one part during some of the individual work when Mike Glennon was taking first team reps but for most of the 11 on 11 and 7 on 7 it was Jameis Winston. Now that being said, right now Mike Glennon looks, to me, like the better quarterback… He’s hitting a higher percentage of his passes. In the practices I have seen, Mike Glennon looks like the slightly better quarterback."

This should come as no surprise to anyone. First, Jameis Winston is a rookie who is working with new receivers for the first time, while Glennon has worked with the likes of Vincent Jackson, Mike Evans, and others before. Winston will get better in these off-season practices in shirts and shorts with more experience.

This is also not the first time Glennon has "looked good" in practices that don't include pads or a pass rush. If the NFL was a 7-on-7 league, Glennon would be a star. Unfortunately for Glennon, his biggest weakness is pocket presence and being able to deliver when the pass rush is around him. Contrary to Glennon's big weakness is that one of Jameis Winston's best attributes is how well he plays with the rush around him.

During these non-contact practices, no true pass rush will be used. Thus, Glennon should easily "look better" than Winston. However, since one of the most important parts of playing quarterback is handling a pass rush, final judgement should be held until these quarterbacks play in true game-like situations. That edge easily goes to Winston.

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