Lots of Learning for Marpet

Coming from a division III college was already going to force Ali Marpet into a steep learning curve, but he also has to add in a position change.

For any small school player transitioning to the NFL, there is a lot that player must learn. For Bucs' 2nd round pick Ali Marpet, that learning curve is even more substantial.

“One thing I need to learn how to do is see the defense more," Marpet said. "Now at this level you need to be able to guess what is going to be happening based on what you see from the defense. So I need to start looking at safeties and that’s stuff that I’ve talked to Evan and Logan about, just helping me out there.”

The Bucs have brought in Marpet, along with fellow rookie Donovan Smith, with the idea that both will become instant starters. The benefit that these rookies have is the valuable knowledge they can gather from the Bucs' experienced offensive linemen.

"I’ve particularly learned from Logan (Mankins) and Evan (Smith)," Marpet said. "Both are offensive linemen that have been around the league for a while. Those are the guys you want to learn from.”

For Marpet, the learning he has to go through is not just for the jump in competition. Marpet will play right guard for the Bucs after playing left tackle at division III Hobart college.

“Everything is a lot quicker," Marpet said about the adjustment to playing guard. "As a guard you have a 300 pound guy on you right away, where at tackle you have a little bit of space to work with and you have to be a little bit more patient.”

The massive jump in competition and the adjustment in changing positions is a lot for any player to handle. If Marpet makes each transition a smooth transition, then he'll be on the fast track to becoming a cornerstone of the Bucs' offensive line for years to come.

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